Hi everyone! I’m returning with my second post for PROJECT: ABAD and I hope you enjoyed my entry on the MAC Hipness yesterday. I was apprehensive about posting a face swatch but heck, what’s the point of doing a blush challenge with only arm swatches eh?

(I have a feeling I’ll eat my words later)

Again, before I begin, in case you are a new visitor (hello!):

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?

Project ABAD was started by Elaine, Jennifer and I. On each day, each of us will present a different blush we used each day (so that’s 3 x 30 = 90 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don’t forget to head to Elaine’s and Jennifer’s blogs for daily blush surprises!

I will be reviewing the Sleek Pomegranate blusher today! A reader commented earlier (waves hello to Luna) that she wanted to see the Sleek blushers and I thought it would make a nice surprise.

This makes the Sleek Pomegranate the first of 16  new blushers I have included in my challenge to be reviewed!

I love the packaging, it scored some brownie points from me.

Pomegranate came with a mirror the size of the blush pan itself, very nifty. Have I mentioned that I love the packaging better than the NARS blushers? There’s something about neat square corners that assure my OCD.

OH. Before I forget, dont let the pictures fool you. The Sleek Pomegranate blusher is such a tiny little thing, it’s about the size of three fingers. And the neat little black packaging aside, I couldn’t open the blusher. AT ALL. I had to stick my thumbnail (and risk scratching my nail polish) to poke the cover open. – 1000 points.

To be honest, I was surprised when I opened the blusher. Straight-up-in-your-face plum. The Pomegranate is nothing like its namesake (a red fruit) but its definitely a plum. A purple-red-wine berry. Okay I just Googled and its nothing like a plum either. Jennifer suggested fuchsia, and viola! The Sleek Pomegranate blusher is a fuchsia – reddish pink with purple in it.

I will leave it up to you to decide on what color you want to call the Sleek Pomegranate. Except for you know, pomegranate. My pan swatches are true to color ^^

Now for swatches:


Product Review:

(I actually wrote 400 words or more but I accidentally clicked ‘Cancel’ *facepalm*)

Intensity: Very pigmented. The swatches you see are just a single swipe of my finger across the blush surface. In fact I needed only one swipe of the MAC 116 to use Pomegranate as a blush.  And a very light one at that.

Finish: I would say its shimmery to the point of pulling metallic. I haven’t really got an idea about what’s shimmer and what’s metallic, but if you build Pomegranate up (not that you have to seeing that its so pigmented!), be careful of the metallic finish. And about the color? I was babbling on in my earlier edit (that got cancelled) about what Pomegranate is, but the best I can come up with now is a fuchsia – a reddish-purplish-pink-berry color. Berry would be good to describe Pomegranate, which is nothing like its namesake (a red fruit that’s high in anti-oxidants!).

Value for Money: The Sleek Pomegranate blusher retails at USD10 and even though I overpaid for mine (coughahemprofiteeringahemcough), for 8g of product you wouldn’t go wrong. If the blush fits though however.

Lasting Power:  Honestly I have to wear it again and update this space. I was testing it with just the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation underneath and decided to go all out and see what’s the worst I can do – deep berry-to-the-point of purple metallic cheeks. However, with such a strong color and product amount, the color has now faded to a light rose-pink, I would call it more of a flush really. All within an hour. So I’m going to test it out with the works tomorrow instead.

EDIT:// I wore it again on just foundation alone, this time with a MAC 187SH stippling brush. Even as it was sheered out, the blush was a metallic frosty finish on my NC15 skin and that did not work out at all. And it faded again within two hours. Might have something to do with my skin though, I’m not sure.

Possible Dupes: I do not own another berry blusher in my collection, so Pomegranate’s unique.

Overall thoughts: Sleek’s Pomegranate did not work out for me.

  1.  It is incredibly pigmented and being an NC15 and a clumsy person, this blusher is so not good when I have to blend blend blend, especially when I’m wearing concealer and foundation underneath and risk swiping it all off.
  2. The finish is too frosty and metallic for me. Even with a stippling brush and sheered out, I could see obvious pores and marks on my cheeks.
  3. Honestly, berry shades do not work for me I would say. I have redness and my cheeks are ‘naturally pink’ and the Pomegranate made me look very dirty.
  4. The blush faded out to a very natural finish, but heck, it’s what that was applied that counts right?
If you have the Sleek Pomegranate and loved it, tell me how you normally wear it. Maybe you can help me out with finding new love for the blusher heh.  Color-wise, I still stand by what I say. The DSLR does not pick up on the purple tones totally, but Pomegranate is definitely metallic and frosty, at least on me. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s fair and has not-so-flawless skin.

And with this, I conclude my near-1000 word entry. Check out my fellow blush fiends 😀 Elaine did a gorgeous look with  a Benefit product (I’m so tempted to get my paws on it), read it here Jenn tells us all about her natural cheeks done with a NARS blusher, read it here ♥