I’m attempting to post up haul entries as fast as I can go (sorry for the blog spam) because I’m so excited about a surprise announcement tonight! So I have for you, box 1 which contains the Physician’s Formula items that the ladies have ordered.

Customary package picture.

I know I’ve said it before (and will continue saying it for the next three posts ah), the pink bubblewrap cracks me up.

I got tempted into buying one of the Physician Formula Shimmer Stripes after I saw Jenice with hers the last time. These little things are so small (narrow stripes) but yet they are so handy to have!

In case you were wondering, I ordered a total of 8 Shimmer Stripes 😛 As it is glaringly obvious, the brown palette is mine! I think with the amount of neutral shadows I have in my stash, I’m good to go for the next 10 years.

Here are the blushers. I’m gonna order the Mineral Glow Pearls for myself the next time! Cindy has a swatch of them and they look gorgeous and a must-buy! Now that Temptalia has reviewed the one in Bronze Pearl, go check it out for yourselves. I’m gonna pick up the ones in Translucent Pearl and probably either Light Bronze Pearl or the matte Pearl Beige.

The Happy Boosters smell really happy! Every time I touch the compact, it lifts my spirits and I feel more inclined to using the blusher, hohoho. More to come when I get down to doing reviews and swatches heh.