I was so certain that I would receive one of the boxes Carrie sent me today, and Singpost didn’t fail me heh. My usual postlady was awesome to bring the package up to my door as it definitely wouldn’t be able to fit into my mailbox. I told her that I’m expecting another one tomorrow, which would be the Physician’s Formula items. Just in time for the beauty babes to collect during the meet-up tomorrow ^^

Each item costs S$2.20 in shipping and roughly 10% extra of item cost which includes Paypal fees + 6% tax.

Every time I see the pink bubblewrap, it never fails to put a smile on my face. As a gesture of goodwill (coughcough), Carrie has yet to charge me for the cost of packing materials and the boxes she sends the items in. I bet that would have come up to quite a sum, especially with the number of packages that are on the way. This calls for another care package soon XD Thank you babe *bows*

That is a total of 13 palettes in this box *goes slightly hysterical* And only one is mine. Guess which?

I love how the eight-pan palette looks. Only Comfort Zone is mine, no prizes for guessing XD However I’m Getting Sunburned and Petal Pusher is slowly getting in my head, hmmm.

I paid S$10.15 (USD5 X 1.10 [paypal fee+ 6% tax] + USD1.70 [shipping] x 1.31 [xe rate]  for the palette, as compared to the cheapest one I can find at S$12.50. Carrie you are awefrikkinsome! The package took 10 days to arrive after it was shipped, which is the usual since Singpost doesn’t deliver on weekends anymore.

I know I have a draft for the Wet & Wild ‘Silent Treatment’ trio, I just can’t find it anywhere. I’ll update with a review and swatches of my trios and pan palette soon, the quality is really good and value for money.