1. We have this beauty babes meetup kindathing tomorrow, and I suggested the idea of a ‘jian mian li’ – a present of sorts if you please. But guess what? Everyone else has apparently gotten theirs and I havent. Major freaking out moment now. What else the person who picked my present doesn’t like it?! What if it caused her an allergic reaction?? I can’t believe I’m stressing out over this. 😡
  2. I have another MAP deadline on Wednesday noon and a paper on 21 April. And right now I want to do everything else except mug or fake statistics results. Bahhh.
  3. Twitter is seriously addictive and damaging to my poor pocket. Poor Pocket, PayPal. Geddit? Sephora’s Chic Week is offering a 15% discount on all items, while Bobbi Brown is having a 20% (never before) Friends & Family Sale. Why likedat??
  4. I miss my Bossu and come Wednesday, after my deadline, let’s go partayy!
  5. It’s been a week since G left, kudos to me holding up so well. But I guess that’s because I’ve been busy left-right-center. But when the annoying things all go away and its quiet at night, sighs.