A few weeks ago (sorry my memory is failing me!) a friend on Twitter organized a fundraiser for Japan by selling these Tsubasa Masuwaka lip balms and I just had to get one for myself. Well two actually, but Elaine wanted to help out too, so the other in the picture belongs to her.

Typical Tsu-chan’s packaging! Pink and black stripes remind me of Dolly Wink XD

I was happy to help out in this tiny way because after going through case studies where relief money didn’t go where it was supposed to (via international aid agencies), I staunchly believe in donating to a local cause.

A picture of Tsu-chan! This girl can seriously do no wrong. There’s something about her really. So sweet and cute!

Here’s mine. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to rip out the packaging!

Again, cue ‘Dolly Wink’.

The Tsubasa Masuwaka Lip Balm is quite a short little thing. I rolled it out (the switch is at the bottom of the container) and thankfully, its retractable. Else it would have been a major “FACEPALM” moment. I haven’t got to using it yet but it smells strongly of mint and menthol, so I expect to update with a tingly sensation.

Have a good night everyone, it’s three more days and I’m finally free! Yay! Which reminds me I have a very pleasant Dior experience (sadly the Addict lipsticks are not my thing) to write about. And a Chanel one too. And I should really go to bed now. XOXO