Hi everyone, here’s something which I bought a couple of weeks ago on sg_beauty. My babes KX and Lynn will know who the seller is, *winks. So I made it a point to buy almost every (reasonably-priced) MAC MSF that I come across, and so far I’ve been loving the MAC Perfect Topping highlight that Rochie cut me a deal on. The rest I’m not so sure of, but we’ll figure out a way around that hehe.

Anyhow, here’s the NARS Kalahari Duo and the MAC Blonde MSF 😀 I now am the proud owner of two NARS duos, the Silk Road and the Kalahari and both came to me used. However that is not really a problem as honestly, I have enough shadows to last me till when I’m 80, heh.

Huston, we are gonna have problems about that sticky NARS packaging yes?

The MAC Blonde is nothing like its namesake.

First up, the NARS Kalahari Duo.

I really suck at describing colors my dears, so I’ll leave the swatches up to you. If I try though, one is a golden-brown-bronzy shade, while the other is a reddish-brown-bronze. *awkward*

I’m thinking it will go well with the NARS Silk Road duo. I purchased this for S$15, score!

Next we have the MAC Blonde, which is a graduation of soft strawberry pinks to rose. It looks really beautiful in the pan but the color on me, was complicated. Well again with breakout skin I can’t complain if everything else looks weird. Shall experiment with this baby.

Doesn’t she look so pretty?

The MAC Blonde MSF is so pretty and shimmery! You can get away with using it as a blusher if you are fair enough. I do however, need to check out some application tips since I find myself increasingly pissed off with the MAC 116 blush brush.

Such a beautiful pink, but I would advise against going overboard with it as it may turn out frosty on the skin.

Now, an appropriate end to a post that was started weeks ago, but I only managed to get it out today. Enjoy the swatch spam >_<