Hi everyone

This has been a very tough week for me, lots of drama and spice peppered everywhere and thank goodness, my Twitter is now drama-free. Yay to ranting space, even though I have fought the urge to divulge more than necessary here. Facebook-wise, we shall see.

I organized a Physician’s Formula / Wet & Wild CP a few days back for my beauty babes, special shout-out to Carrie who’s kind enough to do such a huge purchase on our behalf (paying for it first!) and shipping out our items so quickly. Should there be no delays, items will be expected to reach early next next week ūüôā

Regarding Serene Tham, a police report has been made. I was advised not to scan in the report and put it up here (to not add to the drama this week), but should you *YES YOU SERENE THAM* be watching this space anxiously, do not think you can get away with more bullshit or even think the report is fake. You can go look it up at Ang Mo Kio N.P.C, though I think they may arrest you on the spot once you identify yourself. Again, if I ever have any prank-calls or nuisance mails or apparent scams, it has been made known to the police that you nurse a grudge against me, so don’t even think about trying anything funny.

My beauty babes have also decided to shift their blogs to¬†WordPress, which is great because I feel more security is provided over here than say, blogger. And Blogger has the annoying habit of not auto-saving posts, so yay! Just FYI, I can see which URL any visitor clicks on my blog, and it goes the same for any posts or pictures. I have no problems with anyone clicking anything, I’m still not THAT big yet on protecting my images, but again, I hope that everyone is well aware of proper crediting of ownership.

Also, I welcome comments but now I’m a little wary of multiple identities.¬†WordPress¬†tracks the comments with IP address and emails, so I guess it’s the best I can do now. Before I end off this somewhat-sombre entry, please welcome the two beauty babes who have hopped over from Blogger! One calls herself an ‘immigrant’ while the other has already settled in quite nicely, haha!

I have a lot of entries saved, half-completed drafts, you know the drill. However with the conference looming up next week, I can’t muster up the spirit to blog when there are so many things still left undone. Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. I’ll be holding a JPMON spree (L are you seeing this haha!) after April 7. You can leave me a comment here should you be interested.