Hi everyone, how’s it going? I’ve had a rough couple of days, but heck, things are looking up on the school front. Shalln’t say more ūüėÄ

Anyways, the Papa went on a business trip to Indonesia and before he went to the airport, I wrote down two items for him to look out for at DFS. The first was the Guerlain G Blush Serie Noir (you’ll understand why I need another when I have one already) while the second was a Chloe perfume. More specifically (or ambiguously), the ‘best-selling Chloe perfume’.

Fast forward two days later, Papa called the house in the early afternoon and complained how expensive the Chloe was and which one of the three I wanted. In his words – ‘Why so expensive? I thought Chanel is the most expensive! There are three which one you want??’. You see, the Papa always buys my Mama Chanel perfumes and I love the¬†Mademoiselle¬†scent so very much but I think its time for me to venture into smelling nice. The Papa then told me that we should split 50-50 and I was !!!! and retorted that ‘OK NVM POOR STUDENT MUST SAVE MONEY’ Which is true cos I’m contemplating a graduation trip of sorts to Hong Kong and I’m looking to stay a week there.

So when he came by the door and held out the Changi Airport plastic bag, I was so happy!

Ladies, please do not be lazy (like me) and write some nonsense like ‘Chloe’s best-selling perfume’ and expect your men to know which is it. I wanted Chloe’s Chloe perfume, a lighter one as compared to the Intense which smelt heavier, muskier (??) and more¬†sophisticated¬†than this 23 year-old can handle. But again, I’m sure I’ll grow into loving this one as this is the second perfume the Papa bought. The first was the Givenchy Prism, a pink¬†perfume¬†which did not last more than five applications as I dropped it carelessly. I cannot describe how it felt as I looked at the pink liquid evaporate into nothingness.

As the saying goes, do not look a gift horse in the mouth ūüėõ Have a good Saturday everyone!