Hello, today I’m back with a post on my Sigma brushes! Now if you are looking for a good set of quality brushes, I highly recommend Sigma’s for its value. Also, if you are borderline-OCD like me, Sigma is a great choice for your dresser as it looks 95% similar to MAC’s (just different logos) so you wont be irritated seeing so many different brushes in your brush holder.

Sidenote: The reason why I bought Sigma was….

  1. Rochie the guru recommended it. Well she said ELF was good too but I vehemently refused to buy ELF as the brushes look nothing like my MAC ones. *refers to OCD*
  2. I needed a loose powder brush and a upper-eyelid liner, you know the brush that you can use to top up your shadow over your eyeliner with? Yes that. I haven’t have any idea what to call that thing though.
  3. I was through with being brand-ist and sticking to MAC for my brushes, even though I own the MAC 116 / 109 / 217 / 239. Don’t get me wrong, they are great quality brushes and I love them, just that for a poor student, a single MAC brush (especially the face brushes and Singapore prices) does not sit well with the pocket.

IMPORTANT: MAC brushes are Made in Japan, while Sigma’s are Made in China and the USA. See picture for proof.

I don’t know if that’s gonna be a problem for you, because my Sigma brushes feel the same to me as my MAC ones :S

So Jen and I were chatting over MSN one day and I was talking to her about buying the Sigma Face and Eye Kit here and before I knew it, she got back to me about the rave reviews of the Synthetic Face Kit here and we decided to put in an order that very day. I know right? We are super decisive buyers heh.

Sigma ships internationally via USPS Express (which is bloody expensive) or USPS First Class. Shipping cost will increase as you have more items in your order, but generally it will be cheaper to share. The Face & Eye Kit I ordered costs USD54 and we had a 10% discount code which Jen found, while shipping was USD15.32 for both kits. So if you work it out, I paid USD56.26 (S$73.7) for my kit of six brushes, inclusive shipping. That my dear girls, is equivalent to buying a MAC 109 brush in Singapore with some change to spare. One brush or six brushes? You decide!

Payment was made on 7 March, items shipped on 9 March, and I received the parcel in my mailbox on 18 March! Awesome service Sigma!

It came in a flat rectangular box that has room for the brushes length-wise.

I like how Sigma includes a black mesh bag with the brushes instead of just chucking them on styrofoam balls or bubble wrapping. I’ve already passed Jen her Synthetic Face Kit, so no kit here! Please check out her blog here, she has awesome swatches of the Melliesh blushers and will probably do a review on her brushes too.

I use the MAC Brush Cleanser to clean my brushes. Again I use it super liberally, as I do with all my toners and makeup removers.

Sigma included a pamphlet with all their brush descriptions, which I find super handy as I always have a problem with using which brush for what. I tell you, its the engineer in me. I’m such a stickler for their functions and simply cannot use an eye brush to do my face, it just seems wrong to me.

But again, this stubbornness is changing as I discovered that makeup is really about making the best out of what you have. *looks at USD2.99 Wet & Wild trios and USD40 MAC quad*

Tada! Here are my six brushes from the Sigma Face & Eye kit!

Left: Buffer – F45 –

Right (from top): Duo Fibre – F50 – / Large Powder – F30 – / Tapered Blending – E40 – / Pencil – E30 – (yes this is the brush that I was talking about! The upper lid shadow thingy!) / Eye Shading – E55 –

You know one thing that I really love Sigma brushes for? It’s the fact that they come with plastic brush guards! I find that super duper helpful especially for larger face brushes cos that will help keep the brush hair in shape. Again, OCD. Though that isn’t a good thing especially when pulling out the plastic guards off the brushes the first time. You know the Three Little Pigs story where the Wolf went ‘I huff and I puff and I fluff’? I was sitting on the floor playing tug-o-war with the plastic brush guard that refused to come off my brush and gave myself several fingernail marks. -_-

Finally got it off and the sides tore a little T_____________T

Before I wail at how destructive I can be with my stuff, here is a picture of the F50 brush (regular) and the F50 (travel sized) brushes.

Speaking of which, it seems that Sigma is supposed to include a free gift with purchases over USD30 and I should receive a complimentary E25 brush with my purchase of the Face & Eye Kit, but I dont have two free brushes, only the F50 travel size. I’m gonna email Sigma and see what they say.

The F50 (or the MAC 187 dupe) is longer in length and definitely fluffier than the travel brush.

And here is the comparison between the two Sigma brushes and the MAC 187 (SH) brush!

The Sigma brushes were photographed before washing, hence they dont look so fluffy. Sorry for the discoloration on my MAC 187 (SH), I used it to apply my loose powder, though technically you are supposed to use a duo-fibre brush to apply your foundation.

The F-50 (Travel) VS the MAC 187 (SH).

The F-50 (Regular) VS the MAC 187 (SH). Both Sigma brushes feel a lot more clean and smooth and plasticky as compared to my MAC 187 (SH) brush. Maybe its due to my MAC brush having powder clogged in the bristles. But the Sigma duo-fibre brushes definitely feel lighter and more bendy.

Omg, I love this Kabuki brush. It feels so soft and dense against my skin! Though I haven’t used it yet -_- The Made in PRC label was on this one’s plastic wrapper.

And now, this is why you should wash your brushes before using them! See the amount of dye and bristles that came off? In no way am I violent in cleaning them since I swipe them in a single direction only.

The fall-out from the F-30 face brush. See the dye? I googled and apparently its normal for brushes to bleed during the first washing, but still gross!

The F-50 duo-fibre brush.

The F-45 Kabuki Brush. Can you believe it? A tuff of hair fell out! My brush is balding prematurely! AHHHH! *hysterical laughter*

I know that this is a long post to read, forgive me I am a wordy blogger T_T It’s been hard to churn this up as well, since I’ve been typing away for two hours now and my word count is nearing 1200 words. Which beauty blogger will blog such a wordy post right? *goes off to self-reflect*

Anyways, I used the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush (that is used for the eye crease) as a concealer brush since Rochie recommended it, and I love it! It was so easy to blend out the concealer (I used the MAC Select Cover Up which is very liquidy) and it didn’t make my base makeup cakey! Shall try with the Amazing Concealer, which is a little more difficult to work with.

All in all, I would recommend the Sigma brushes as they are so affordable and the quality is great! Simply put, a bang for your buck. No more MAC brushes (though I hope I wont have to eat my words!) for me!

P.S. Does anyone else find it a pain to wash their brushes and let them dry before using? Can I justify it as reason to buy another set of eye brushes? Oops :X Rochie if you’re reading this, LOVE!