Hi everyone, it’s been such a long time since I did one of these posts yes? Without further ado, here’s my 10 things update!

  1. I can feel my cosmetic kick waning slowly, which is good for both the pocket and for the boyfriend. 😛
  2. No more cosmetic buying until the MAC Quite Cute collection launches. Then I can buy more. *sheepish face*
  3. Speaking of which, where are my US parcels?! T____T My MAC Pink Cult is still not here!
  4. I got guilty this morning (while talking to sweet Carrie) when on a whim, I went to count how many blushers I have (>10) but realized I couldn’t count them all in 5 secs. That’s bad.
  5. I admit I’m a blush freak. Okay if you ask me again, I’m obsessed with dewy skin that has an inner glow. Which again, is impossible if you have concealer on to cover pores + redness + scars. Or is it not?
  6. I’ve been good and only have two foundations in rotation. One is the Benefit Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous (do not use your foundation brush to apply it) that’s on its way out, and the other is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. So that means I’m cleared with my blusher obsession right?
  7. I feel more at ease with a good base makeup than I do with any other thing on my face, even if that means I have swollen lids and small eyes.
  8. I’m loving the makeup combi I did this morning before rushing out to interview someone for my project, it lasted all 10 hours. Shall update this later.
  9. I got lucky and found what I wanted on my MAC wishlist. The I Get No Kick eye kohl, the Vintage Selection that sweet Carrie purchased on my behalf, and the Gold Dusk pigment. I swear they are so pretty!
  10. Lastly, I’ve been thinking of doing a giveaway. However, I’m not sure who exactly will participate, since the I can count with five fingers who are the people I know will read this blog of mine. Leave me a comment with what you think? It will make me sad if I didn’t even have to pick a winner T_T Don’t worry, no retweeting or reblogging necessary, I just want to give whatever extra I have in my stash a good home. XOXO
  11. Which means no need to follow me and stuff la. But I’ll probably make you enter with questions like ‘what was your OMG *facepalm* moment’ or ‘what is your darkest makeup obsession’ you know? Something….. mundane. Heh.