Quick, somebody hand me an award for most hardworking blogger! 😛

Alright so I was in school on Tuesday doing some work when I read about the Tony Moly polishes and promptly decided that I should reward myself with a few polishes.

Sidenote, I should organize my stash soon else one MUJI chest will never be able to hold them all. And my polishes take up nearly three drawers of space, FML.

Anyway, back to the entry. I love how Korean brands are so into recycling that they use paper bags instead of plastic carriers! I know that sometimes paper bags are not that sturdy and are prone to ‘giving way’ to weight, but we usually just dump them into our own bags right? So recycle people!

Carrie if you are reading this, GO AWAY NAO! *nudges*

Before I begin into another wordy entry, Tony Moly polishes retail at S$4.90 for the basic range, S$8.90 for their middle range and S$12.90 for the premium range. The basic polishes include cream and shimmery (yucks!) finishes, as well as base/top coats and cuticle oil (I may be wrong on this). The middle range is a select few polishes with interesting colors, like the one I’m wearing now (but dont have proper pictures yet >_>) – a dark concrete grey like the Zoya Kelly. It also has a polish rather similar to one that I remember from Dior, though the name escapes me at the moment. As for the premium range, I remembered seeing glitters (which were not gritty to remove for a one coat) and holos (don’t quote me again!).

So here’s what I got.

I’ve been good and only got five! And thanks to L who kindly allowed me to use his fingers for swatches at the store as mine were already covered in Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Teal. Which is a gorgeous color by the way.

*Color swatches will follow this sequence*

The polishes have names, but I threw away the receipt that had them printed, sorry!

TR07 is a milky dusty pink, reminds me of the MAC Pink Cult blusher.

ND05 is a true nude beige, with no hint of pink in it.

RE01 is a true red that I dont have in my collection. My reds tend to veer on the vampy side as mentioned, haha. Might be a dupe for the MAC Obey Me polish though.

TR08 is a brown grey with purple in it.

And finally, TR04 which is yet another grey with green in it.

Again, my grey may be your black, so I would recommend for you to head down to the Tony Moly store (there’s one in Bugis and another in Marina Square yes?) to swatch them for yourself. I will do a in-depth review, time permitting, of them when I finally get my Seche Vite topcoat replaced.

The Tony Moly polishes are of great quality, at the prices you pay. I love the design (rounded bottles with black caps) of them, the formula’s smooth and creamy, definitely opaque in one coat though two is optimal to reach the color that’s in the bottle. The wear is decent as I have minimal chipping at the tips of my fingers after two days and a whole lot of typing, without any topcoat to seal the polish.

All in all, value for money!

Questions? Lemmings? Comment Away!