So I was rather upset that I couldn’t do proper color swatches. Mucked around, gave serious thought if I should take up knitting instead of blogging, remembered my homework and then of my art project *snickers*. And at last, remembered this nifty Panasonic compact camera that I received some time last year and happily dug it out. Viola, I is happy again (since it seems to be able to photograph adequately) and all iz vell.

Forgive me, writing at 12.30AM tends to give way to the inner craziness. Anyhow, onto the entry that is made entirely possible by the Lumix DMC-FP3!

Alrightos, ladies if you haven’t, please look at Pearlicious’s blog entry about the Dolly Wink Volume Mascara here. I was tempted to get the mascara already just because Tsu-chan’s lashes are TDF but again, cosmetic companies are in the habit of photoshopping lashes / using lash inserts / stacking natural-looking fake eyelashes and what not, but after reading Pearl’s entry, I was frikkin’ sold!

I heard of people receiving drugstore items in the US in less than stellar conditions – especially for the Wet and Wild eyeshadows which are gaining popularity with their recent releases. The Japanese prevent that sorta thing from happening (I seriously doubt the Japanese girls are so rude to dip their fingers into a new product and not buy it!)  by having this plastic knot. I had to pry it open with force, making it an effective deterrent to anyone looking to steal mascaras or simply to try a new tester.

See the transformation? Oh my goodness, tell me how am I not supposed to want to try it out for myself?? Good bye nasty falsies! Go check out Pearl’s post, its a real-life demonstration of the awesomeness of this Dolly Wink Volume Mascara!

I couldn’t get a picture of the mascara wand, sorry about it. Still very new to this whole compact camera thingy, :S

Purple isn’t my favorite color, to say the least. Lavender I can do, dark inky purple maybe, but eggplant purple? Not really *cringes* Why can’t she do a pink base with white polka-dot one??

Now we have the super awesomesauce Dolly Wink Eye Shadows in #1 Brown! Essentially, a neutral palette. Which makes it a must-get for any neutral fiend like me! Tell you why in a bit!

Don’t you find the packaging such a heartache to throw away? I now have a box where I dump all my plastic packaging in (before they stuck my pull-out drawers) and store (hide) the actual items themselves in my MUJI chest.

I was super excited to get my hands on this palette after seeing pictures online, even though I have not read reviews about  the pigmentation or colors at all as I trust the Dolly Wink brand (I love the liquid eyeliner) and I’m really a neutral addict. So regardless of what reviews may say, I know that I would have bought this baby home with me.

Until I saw the price-tag of S$32.90 at Watsons, ouch.

But is it worth it you ask? Hell yes.

Picture of Tsubasa herself, that girl can do no wrong.

Okay so the eyeshadow palette is encased in a plastic box which is attached to the paper packaging with plastic inserts. Quite a mouthful eh? So when you remove the plastic box, you get the paper package which is designed after a fairybook as it opens like one.

The book spine.

Now for some pictures off the fairybook. Her eyes are humongous to the point of unbelievable! There’s only so much two pairs of fake eyelashes, geo lenses and mascara can do right?

Now that we got the promotional pictures out of the way, here are some swatches! (which is pretty much what everyone wants to look at right :P)

The palette has a slot where the plastic insert goes to hold it to the plastic box, very clever!

The compact design reminds me of Anna Sui, even though I dont own anything from the latter brand. Dolly Wink’s design made enough of an impression to link it to Anna Sui. Anyways, I’m not terribly bothered by the resemblance and neither should you. What matters most is the inside right? *grins*

I would say the picture above is the most accurate of the Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette in #1 Brown.

Now for color swatches! You cannot imagine how happy I am to be able to photograph color swatches when I fiddled around with the compact! Though I’m nowhere fantastic yet, this would make things so much easier for me when I blog.

The shadows when swatched felt so buttery smooth and glides on like a dream, except maybe for the fourth shade which felt a little less smooth. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are amazing, as a gentle swipe is all that’s needed for the colors to show up. Not to mention, the amazing quality and feel of them!

So if you ask me whether it is reasonable paying S$32.90 for this palette, I would definitely say yes. Even my Urban Decay Naked Palette, the MAC neutral shadows or the NARS *guilty* Eyeshadow Duos I own don’t come close to what Dolly Wink has to offer in the palette. Each shade comes up to S$8.20, which is awesomesauce to pay for such a great set that is so versatile and easy to play with!

You can see the swatches very clearly here. I have a couple more pictures (where I managed to eliminate the shadow of the camera) but they are stuck in my compact’s built-in memory, and I haven’t got any idea how to import them to the desktop! IT fail.

Trust me when I say this is a great palette to invest in, nothing that will boggle your mind when it comes to deciding which color goes where (unlike the Naked). Even as compared to my much loved Majolica Majorca BR 355, the Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette wins hands down with the amazing pigmentation and buttery silk finish!

Now before I get all excited about it again, I shall bid you good night (or good morning) and I’ll update this post tomorrow when I wake with regards to how and where I purchased the Dolly Wink goodies. Sweet dreams everyone!