Hi everyone, this will be a quick post as I have a hundred million other things waiting to be done, homework being the topmost priority. So I made my Jpmon order on Thursday morning, and Speedpost came a-knockin’ on my door this morning with a parcel in his hands. A surprisingly small parcel if I should say so myself, since I had 10 items in my order.

Here’s a customary picture of said parcel.

My order took four days to arrive with EMS shipping, and ze Speedpost man said I was very lucky as customs was quick to clear and he had only 13 packages to deliver today. Awesomesauce!

Now for the reveal, if only all of the 10 items were mine *grins*

We had five Melliesh blushers (1 of #1, 2 of #2 & #3 each), a DUP eyelash glue in Pink (Limited Edition), two Candy Doll blushers in Strawberry Pink and Peach Pink, as well as a Dolly Wink Brown Eyeshadow Palette and the Volume Mascara. No prizes for guessing which are mine.

Alrightos, I hope this satisfies KX’s and J’s lemmings and I’m feelin’ another round of Jpmon soon! Can’t wait to see how the Melliesh blushers swatch hehe. Stay dry everyone!