Phew, I woke up to an overcast sky that threatened to train and chilly wind, but seems that the weatherman has other plans now. Tried going back to sleep but that doesn’t work out for me usually. My dear classmate brought home my netbook, even after he reminded me to take it as he ‘has a penchant for bringing things home‘. So instead of me being able to finish up the e-book that I’ve been devouring since Wednesday night, here I am being a good little blogger to share my buys!

I met up with the seller on Wednesday night before my night class, the same day I collected the MAC haul featured earlier. Again, there can be great bargains if you know where to look!

Here’s what I’ve got: the Benefit Dandelion blusher, MAC All That Glitters and MAC Amberlights eyeshadows.

A close-up of the Benefit Dandelion. The color is a pale pink, I would say it will show up best on NC15-NC25 skintones. Any darker, it will not be a good blush to try out. Not sure how it will look layered though, the color barely showed on my fingers.

More pictures of the Dandelion.

I can see why its a cult favorite from Benefit, this color is versatile and reminds me of MAC’s Well-Dressed blusher. I will try to do a comparison when I pick up the other blush sometime end March. The Benefit Dandelion cost me S$25 and came super lightly (if not barely) used, so I did score a bargain.

I’m working hard towards a MAC neutral eye shadow collection, and I’m pleased to add Amberlights and All That Glitters to my fledging stash.

All That Glitters is definitely not glittery, in case you’re wondering. A very beautiful color in the pan, and even more so when swatched. The seller has managed a good-sized dip in the pan already, haha. This cost me S$5.

Amberlights is similar to Woodwinked, the latter I collected already but have yet to show.

And this concludes my second haul entry, technically the third since I received my UK package and picked something up from the MAC Wonder Woman collection yesterday evening. My plans for today is just to slack around, probably a short nap before heading out for dinner with G and killing some zombies before starting a busy weekend. Have a good Friday everyone! *waves*