I made a trip to the PO yesterday to collect my registered parcel since there wasn’t anyone at home to sign for it on Tuesday and was late for class! Still, that didn’t dampen my spirits one bit as I was really excited about receiving the two items I had ordered, courtesy of our local beauty community.


I know what you’re looking at. The Ripe Peach isn’t mine! Lynn snagged it at a great deal of S$55. I count her lucky to be able to even glimpse one of these rare and revered items on sg_beauty as Singaporeans are pretty much hoarders, this one included!

The seller was nice to cover registered mail for our order and threw in freebies as well. To be honest I have no idea how do I use liquid perfumes and the sample packs, to me they fulfill their purpose only when one is travelling and I have no plans to as of yet. Oh well, into the sample drawer it goes! Except for the Dr. Feel Good, shall try and see how it goes!

Ladies and gentle(wo)men, here in their glory, the two elusive MAC items that would complete any addict’s collection – Stereo Rose MSF and Ripe Peach Blush Ombre ♥♥

Here is what I got, the Stereo Rose MSF. Was deliberating over whether to geddit but Lynn’s raving about how she loved Stereo Rose, as well as what my babe Carrie thought about it sealed the deal. I bought it at S$40 and though it came to me used, the dome of the MSF is still fully intact and as what the seller described, used 3x.

Here’s a collage of the beautiful MSF that is Stereo Rose! No wonder many girls are crazy for it!

The veinings are simply gorgeous!

I tried to photograph a swatch for the blog, but the DSLR stubbornly refuses to pick up on it. This is also why I don’t post reviews on my skin whatsoever, since the DSLR needs something to focus on and nothing shows up on bare skin. Stereo Rose is definitely not as red as it looks, it’s a much gentle color with some pink in it. Now that I have it on my inner arm, my Stereo Rose is a mixture of gold with light pink-peach-coral with a sheen finish and some glitter. Don’t quote me on the glitter part though, I’m still trying to differentiate between shimmers and glitters but I can definitely see some tiny tiny glitters in it. Maybe due to the previous owner *wry face*. I know it doesn’t sound like what it looks in the photographs above, but I guess with such baked products, the exact color that you get will vary with the amount of color and gold veinings in it.

Now for my other purchase, the MAC Cocomotion pigment!

I’ll admit, I gave no thought about the MAC pigments as 1. I’m a klutz 2. This is powder/or whatever you want to call it 3. Never trust a klutz around a powder 4. I do my makeup in a rush and I’m accident-prone. You wouldn’t want to get this on your floor, much less your carpet. However, Carrie (my new found makeup pal in the US of A) told me about the myriad uses of pigments and the fact that they can be added to nail polishes/lippies and not just shadows really fascinated me. Rochie also gave me some baggies to try out. Most importantly, I snagged this baby for only S$5. *laughs like a mad woman*

With this, I conclude my third most recent haul (and I only collected them yesterday) and will have more coming up! Have a good night everyone and sleep well! *sends out flying hugs*