Hello everybody, I’m terribly backdated and I figured I should do a quick post before the pictures that I have overwhelm me – actually they already did but I’m in a state of denial. 

Anyhow, I shall post up my Candy Doll blushers today. I snagged these during CNY and I received them promptly after I made payment, even during the festive season. Now that I remember, I got them on Tuesday, the day after I received my NARS blushers (that I have yet to touch, yikes!). I totally didn’t expect to get them locally and wanted to order them off JPMON or as a CP but for the price I paid ($24 for one), it’s quite worth the money!

INNER FANGIRL MOMENT – *squeals* I GOT IT ! I GOT IT  ! *jumps*

A customary picture of the parcel…

I havent figured how to remove glare from my pictures, so I apologize for these :S

They look like milk cartons don’t they? So sweet and cute packaging!

As usual with Japanese makeup, these Candy Doll blushers are definitely not pigmented at all. They apply sheer and while I appreciate that you can be heavy-handed with these and not risk clown cheeks, sometimes we need a pop of color quick in the mornings.

Yes, that blue-pink that is Strawberry Pink? Not as scary as you would think it is.

The blushers in flash.

The blushers with no flash. I thought the words were just stickers but no, they are on the cover! So kawaii!

And before I make this an overly-hasty post, here is a picture of the blushers taken in pan! I would say this is a true color, just imagine it sheered out x 100 times 😛

Sorry if its grainy, the blushers are quite small in size to photograph, imagine stretching *glups*. I’ll definitely update this post with a proper swatch once I open ’em and start using ala the Japanese magazines! They layer Strawberry Pink over Peach Pink and then dust the lavender highlighter over it, so pretty and dolly looking!