What a nice afternoon it has been, the rain did liven up the stale air around the house quite a bit, and most definitely my spirits. If you have seen my Twitter timeline, I was going slightly (too) crazy past midnight this morning when I got home after late classes and saw that I had two parcels and two envelopes (a whopping four!) awaiting neatly beside my door. That withstanding, it seems that I have an infinity of meeting great people in my life, random strangers they may be but they all were there when I needed a perk-me-up of sorts. I shall not get too personal here (self-censoring is indeed a pain in the ass) but I felt liberated by a stranger’s words that may seem ordinary but like a salve to my ears and heart. I’m at peace, for now.

*clears throat*

Anyways, I am done ripping open the envelopes and going after the parcels with a knife (yes the wrapping is A-star), but I’m not done with pictures. I have the Guerlain G Serie Noir blush as well as the loot Lynn got me at the MAC Private Sale, my Sleek palettes as well as the goodies my makeup guru Rochie cut me a deal on, the Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap goodies as well as some more stuff that I’m gonna collect from Rochie this evening before I can post what I got from the US of A. I’m amazed at my own buying ability, *wipes forehead*. But again, these will all dry up as schoolwork beckons and I’m pretty much done with my makeup. What’s left is now practice with everything that I have and gradually come up with something that I love and am comfortable with.

With that, have a great Friday night everyone! xx