Hello everyone, I apologize for the lack of updates here, god knows that I have gazillion photos that are sitting impatiently waiting for the light of the day. However I’ve been mucking around school, life, general daily activities that make time pass so quickly, I didn’t have time to blog. That will change this week I reckon, since its time I rev up the engines haha. And receive lots of goodies *fingers x*

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m not so good. But learning to deal with the constant negativity that threatens to consume you will make your mind stronger and learn to block all the nasty shit out. I guess reading Patrick Rothfuss is a god-send –  now I keep his ‘Heart of Stone’ like a mantra in my heart. We can all do without some emotional attachment anyways right?

Before I turn this into a sob story (a periodic happening in my life I kid you not!), I shall turn my attention to what makes me brilliantly happy – makeup. I have a couple of packages from the US and I’m so very excited about them! I cannot stop counting the days when I’m finally able to see ’em babies in my hands, ahh!

Have a great week ahead everyone, xoxo