Good morning, I hope everyone’s weekend has been good. I attended a Kose Beauty Talk yesterday courtesy of Sophia (themakeupblogette) as I was lucky enough to score tickets. It was extremely fulfilling as I learnt massage techniques that were as effective as going for surgery, you won’t believe the difference some simple stretching can do to your face! If you ain’t a lazy bum of course heh.

Spent the rest of the night killing zombies, another past-time that I truly enjoy. Now for my Sunday, I’m thinking it’ll be spent on assignments and deadlines since my student flaked on me again. So, back to the point of the entry, I received a surprise gift from Lynn that arrived slightly late for Valentine’s Day but you know what they say, better late than never! *ggrins*

The whole idea about this spun from the haul that is currently in progress *winks at Carrie* Funnily enough, I had already paid for one of these (the Stila Make Me Blush blusher) and I spoilt my own surprise by blurting that out accidentally! But still, awwwwww ♥♥♥ Lynn!

Be prepared though, lots of pictures ahead hehe.

The Make Me Blush blusher retails at US$14, but you can purchase this at Sephora for US$24, however I think its sold out (don’t quote me though =/) as Lynn got these (she bought three sets for herself, me and the other Miss J) off Ebay. Another ‘awwww’ please!

When I first laid eyes on this blusher, the first thing I thought of was my MAC Marine Life. Indeed, I think they are both similar in size with the gold overspray which would most definitely disappear with use. And I’m lucky enough to have already a backup should that happen hehe.

It is such a happy color dont you think? With the hearts imprint and the words on them. Perfecto for Valentine’s Day~

The Sephora Exclusive Set comes with two lipglazes – Hugs & Kisses. Hugs is a creamy rose which I knew i would love once I saw it, while Kisses is a sparkling cherry red. I heard nice things about the Stila Lipglazes so I’m eager to try them out. Thanks for the Hugs & Kisses Lynn 😛

The words on the four hearts read ‘kisses / xoxo / i heart you / stila’.

The colors of the blusher flashes differently but I can say that they are a mixture of red / dolly pink / peach pink hearts. Whatever your pink, this blush is definitely a keeper! ♥

One last look at this pretty baby~

I realize I don’t show what I normally wear or buy, so here’s a starter! I got this ribbon belt from my go-to Korean shop at Far East Plaza. It was left out from my order when I went shopping the day before CNY; it matches the black flare dress I got perfectly!

Red + Ribbon = ♥

I’m wearing China Glaze’s Seduce Me in the picture above. Once again, thank you Lynn for the surprise (love) gift hehe, I’ll be sure to use it well~