Good morning, my body’s on a weird roll recently, I think I need to adjust my bodyclock to something more stable else I’ll end up feeling tired in the afternoon for no reason at all.

Today I have for you Topshop’s blush in Flush and the Eye Kohl in well, Coal 😀

First up – a review of the Blush in Flush! I had such a kick typing that out, do note that this is the cream blush I’m talking about.

It retails for $13 – pretty inexpensive for a blush if you ask me. Instructions are as per included – Dot & Blend. Simple enough if you ask me, but I’m likely to forget about it and just swipe and blend. Which is okay if you don’t swipe heavily. Haha.

FYI – the same way you will do your Canmake Cream Cheeks ^^

Product Picture 1.

Doesn’t the polka dots remind you of Dolly Wink’s packaging? Cute-ness!

And now, for some color swatches;

Again, these are shots of the blush in pan and I would say that the color in the ‘Flash’ picture is accurate. It’s really a pretty flush color, I mean everyone flushes slightly red right? Haha.

TOPSHOP cream blush in Flush definitely does not contain any glitter, so please do not be mislead by the picture in flash. Weird how my skin reflects glitter hoho. It’s so Marine Life wouldn’t you think? Haha.

I’ve included swatches on tissue for further reference ^^

Swatch 1.

It’s a really lovely color. However going by formula, I would say there’s a lot of slip in the product – ie. very watery and easy to pick up. It’s very buildable and at $13, not a bad product to check out. Again, I find TOPSHOP’s pricing a little weird as this blush costs the same as a bottle of nail polish =/

You would definitely want to use this blush with clean fingers, heh.

Now on to the Eye Kohl in Coal, which is essentially black.

This pencil costs $9 and I got one for myself and Lynn (as part of her surprise gift) due to how creamy it swatched on the back on my hand. On my eyes however, this baby smudged =/ I’ve normal lids and even so, my eyeliner was a mess within 2 hours. I really wouldn’t advise anyone to get it =/

To end things, here is a final swatch of the TOPSHOP Eye Kohl in Coal + TOPSHOP Cream Blush in Flush. While I would recommend the blush, the eye kohl left much to be desired in my opinion. I have the TOPSHOP pen highlighter to review next, thanks for reading everybody!

P.S. I started this post two days ago and only managed to finish it now. Eeks.