Hello everyone, I’m sorry to have left with such a cheery post and then disappear for nearly a week thereafter. I have a ton of edited pictures that I have to think up of content for, and with assignment deadlines and essays, I really did not feel jolly to have to even think of anything else except sleep.

There’s something about physical weakness that drains the mind of its imagination and emotions that limits the use of vocabulary. I would think that having to read academic readings and analyzing them before writing a paper tend to have that sapping effect as well. Give me a proper night’s rest to recharge (and my poor wrinkled neck, I need a neck cream srsly!) and I’ll be back to the blogging sphere. *winks*

With that, thank you to the new readers that are visiting, I hope you enjoy the Canmake Cream Cheeks posts that I have presently. I’ll soon be opening the rest of my collection to use for a new project that I’m planning to do, so say hello to swatches!

Onto skincare, I’ve been using the Lancome set I purchased in November last year – happy to report that my skin’s feeling great and my makeup looks better now! As for the makeup, I’m currently loving Urban Decay’s Eden (Primer) + MAC’s Ricepaper on the lids for a minimal makeup look! My friends would know that I prefer working on my base makeup than on the eyes, and I found out that it looks way better if I had corrected my eyelid color into something that’s clean and fresh!

And I made some new friends, *waves hello to Rochie and Carrie*.

Okay now, this is the limit of where my brain would allow and my eyes are closing as I speak. I’m so happy that I took the plunge and went down to Orchard (after 8pm where there’s no peak-hour surcharge) to check out ALT’s closing sale with KX! Lugged back several essentials like makeup removers and whatnot. That I’ll share in another entry of course hehe.

Good night and thanks for reading~