Hi everyone, how’s the rainy weather for you? I’m not complaining despite getting caught in the incessant rain more times than what I would have liked. It makes it so much warmer to be having hot soup or just snoozing under the blankets. Anyways, I was caught up with school stuff and learning how to play Versus in L4D2 hence the short absence. I have a couple of other posts in my drafts but they will have to wait till I have time to finish ’em up during the short CNY break.

Speaking of which, have you decided what are you wearing for makeup and your nails? It’s a nightmare getting appointments during such festive seasons, I should plan ahead for CNY 2012 *grins*

Alrightos on to the point of this entry. Lynn and I were scheming to get our peacocks from the MAC Peacocky collection online and ended up ordering a whole bunch of other things as well heh. I recommend ordering from MACCOSMETICS.com as our stuff came in compact boxes and shipping came up to be around S$2 per item. Which is a huge saving considering the retail prices of each Mega Metal Shadow and Kissable Lipcolors (S$35 and S$38).

We met up for the first time last last friday (!!!) and had lunch at Ion’s Itacho. What ensued was endless chatter over makeup and gushing over the Peacocks. It’s really amazing how friends can be made so easily over something so volatile as the Internet and I’m so happy to find a fellow ribbon-lace-girly-sweet-feminine lover like Lynn.

Oh by the way, please check out Lynn’s post here to see the amount of stuff we ordered! This is just part 1 of the haul from the USA and I’ve got more coming up XD Looking at all our loots combined makes my head giddy! Can you imagine what 3 women can come up with ordering cosmetics online? A four-digit bill!

I received my Sleek palette in Graphite (Limited Edition) from Lynn as well! It cost me S$22.65 but the colors are nothing that I own ^^ She was so sweet to include a fat sample baggie of Chacott Translucent Loose Powder for me to try out, as well as a jar of the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in her shade as mine was too light to cover my dark eye circles adequately. ♥♥♥ Lynn~

That’s an awful lot of stuff I know, I probably busted my eyeshadow quota for the year heh. Not complaining as the Mega Metal Shadows are amazing to the touch and highly pigmented (except for Unflappable I hear). Best of all, they are the size of the Cream Color Bases, which means it will take me forever to finish any!

The two Cream Color Bases (CCB) are from the Stylishly Yours collection, while the two smaller pots are the regular eyeshadows.

There was someone who had 10% off MAC products and we decided to get our Stylishly Yours stuff from her since the difference was minimal compared to the prices online. Little did we know that we were actually gonna binge order from the website heh!

Lynn also got the I Get No Kick eye pencil from the Cham Pale Collection and I’m kicking myself for not snagging it as the color is so frostily pretty!

Tickle Me Pink is the usual blue-pink which I think would be awesome as a base for the Jill Stuart blushes I own. The Cream Color Bases are superbly pigmented and you really have to be careful to not swipe hard on them as you do the Canmake Cream Cheeks as the former will definitely give you clown cheeks. I remembered I was shocked when I swatched the testers at the store but the CCB feels very creamy and glides on smoothly without a hitch.

2011 shall be a year when I venture into unknown territory and try out new colors that I normally would pass on, hence the Virgin Isle. I think I have to really conceal and put it on a flawless (as best as I can) base so that the color would show up great.

Now, the stuff that I’m dying to show you! Presenting the Mega Metal Shadows from the MAC Peacocky Collection all the way from the US! I swear they smell differently 😛

I got six of them in Spectacle Of Yourself / Tweet Me / Centre Stage / Prance / Dalliance / Peek-At-You. Basically all highlighter/base colors as well as the two neutrals. I’ll have to come out of my closet and proclaim myself a neutral addict heh!

Here are their close-ups.

The Mega Metal Shadows retail at S$35 and are a bang for your buck as they are incredibly gorgeous/pigmented/buttery/gigantic. For swatches, please visit Temptalia here.

I also got three Kissable Lipcolors and they proved to be worth the S$38 price-tag (though I got mine at USD18) as the formula is more like a lipstick+lipgloss+lipbalm combined. It’s definitely not a high-shine gloss and it feels creamy on my lips. When I popped by the MAC counter, I regretted not including Woo Me in my purchase as it’s the perfect light nude-pink!

A closer look at the colors.

I ordered mine in the same neutral colors that I normally go for ^_^ Super / Exxx-hibitionist / So Vain.

Sidenote* // Whew, this is such an image-extensive post and the words are near 1000 soon X_X Hang in there!

Lynn also got me two regular eyeshadows from her friend’s friend who was liquidating her MAC stash. I got them for S$14 whereas they retail at S$26 at MAC counters. Score!

This is Style Snob, a lighter version of MAC’s hit Satin Taupe.

Here is Ricepaper, a matte base color.

I also picked up my Sleek palette in Graphite from Lynn as well. She was kind enough to include me in her ebay orders as this palette is not available on Sleek’s website anymore as it’s a Limited Edition.

When I was quite shocked when I saw the palette, it’s so small and well, sleek! You can see that it’s only about 2.5x as long as the MAC CCB which is rather surprisingly for an eye palette that boosts so many colors!

I love how it contains a mirror. Perfect for blind people like me.

A few of the colors look rather alike to one another but it’s no matter to me as I don’t own such shades in my stash. I foresee hitting pan on the matte beige color on the first row second shade!

Don’t they look so pretty? Heh.

Since I’m on the topic of MAC and all, I got myself MAC eye brushes which I have been hankering after (goodbye Shu Uemura!) on Saturday. I had a S$15 Isetan voucher as well as a S$10 rebate from Tangs, hence I split the two brushes between the stores. It amused the MAC SA when I was telling her about it. And oh, I always thought the Tangs outlet was a MAC PRO Store, I was wrong about that.

I got two basic eye brushes as I thought ‘what the heck, I have too many eyeshadows now!’ and I think they need decent equipment to do them justice. The 224 was sold out but the SA recommended the 217 for the crease (meaning the end of your eyeball, I seriously can’t figure these things out!). I got the 239 to apply base shadows with. These are Made in Japan.

The 217 is a flatter brush on one side (and less fluffy) than the 224 and well, white. Now that I’m done taking pictures, I shall go play with my stash hehe!

Thank you for reading thus far, I hope you would enjoy your MAC Peacocky hauls like I did! I’m loving how Prance looks XD More haul entries (the second part) coming up, though I need to get my project out of the way first heh. This sure is a super duper long entry! I can already fulfill my word limit for my essay already 😛