I’m starting to think that sg_beauty is quite a good place to shop for bargains though I’ve met my fair share of dishonest sellers. One particularly nasty one claimed that the lippie I purchased was ‘swatched only once on the hand’ and when I received it, the thing turned out significantly shorter than a brand new one I had in my stash. Needless to say, I didn’t feel inclined to posting it. Anyways, here is something that got to me last Wednesday but again, I procrastinated ><

Tada! I managed to snag these two babies for S$31, quite a good deal considering that they retail at USD18 each. I’m suspecting that the seller bought hers at the 50% sale, but no matter, I still got a great bargain!

The interesting thing about them is that they come in rectangular bottles with a narrow width. The only polishes in my stash that is similar to these are the H&M ones, but that will come another day.

As you can see, it will be a breeze storing (and therefore collecting!) these Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) polishes as they have square corners unlike the usual more space-consuming round bottles.

Again, I have to proclaim my luck as these two were what I picked out from Scrangie’s swatches that I had to have (someday). Teal is such an ‘in’ color right now! Unfortunately I cannot do swatches at the moment as I’m letting my nails rest for awhile. So that will have to wait :S

Om would be what I call a salmon-pink color. Funny how that word reminds me of Harry Potty’s Aunt heh. Teal stains terribly, so I would advise a base coat before anything else. I’ll definitely be back with swatches, pinky promise!