My first Dior. KX can you guess what it is already? Hee

I love how they tied such neat bows on the paper bag and on the box itself.

I almost couldn’t bear to pull the bows open >___<

This is my Christmas present from G. There’s a little story behind it actually. My mom and I were window-shopping in Takashimaya one random afternoon and we popped into Dior at a whim and asked to look at their jewelry. I fell hard for this little thing, so hard that my mom offered to buy it for me but I refused her offer, saying that if I ever bought that ring I would buy it with my own money. Then, KX and I were shopping in Orchard after the Shiseido Private Sale and again on a whim, I dragged her to Dior to look at the ring once more. I almost couldn’t resist and was on the verge to plonk down my debit card for it when I remembered I haven’t even wore my Chanel one out yet. That thought sobered me quickly, but the SA was so nice to put the one and only piece in the Takashimaya outlet on hold for me after witnessing how smitten I was with it. He said that the Dior store was expecting a busload of mainland tourists and he wouldn’t want me to be disappointed should I come back to see it sold.

So fast forward, I was talking to G over the phone that night and telling him about this ring and asking his opinion about it. His reply was non-committal, even skeptical in fact, as he only gave a vague response to my questions. Little did I know he went back to the store the next day and bought the ring under my name. Okay he called me when he was inside on the pretense of looking at it so that he could give me his opinion; but that silly boy bought the ring that very evening and waited till Christmas to give me my present. ♥

Surprisingly, the gold looks very nice on my skin and again, the DSLR couldn’t capture the sparkly but its encrusted with very tiny crystals along the band. I fell so hard for the bow ♥♥

It comes with a dangling ‘D’ for Dior charm and a purple crystal that sets off my skin perfectly. I wore it out yesterday for the first time and had to be extra careful not to tug my hair as I wouldn’t want a missing charm X_X

Now this explains why I say I love gold accessories. Somehow my skin can carry it off, maybe not the super ‘yellow’ gold as what Lynn mentioned, but the paler colored tones.

The actual ring is slightly lighter than the picture above. I took these pictures with just the basic kit lens, hence the DSLR couldn’t capture the tone and the sparklies properly. And the purple crystal didn’t drop out! It’s just the back of it XD

I’m a very lucky girl, not just because of the presents I get, but because G has always been very patient with me. Though 2010 was a rough year for us, we survived and with an extra bit of effort, we will make it through 2011. Not gonna think about what will happen if he has to return to Indo in May for his work, but we are going to take things as they come and not worry unduly about them. Whatever happens, I’m sure we both have matured enough to handle things the right way. xx ♥