Hello! Today I have for you an entry on the Canmake Cream Cheek in [01] Peach Dream.  Couldn’t decide if I should post my CANMAKE collection as a whole as I have yet to open them all in order to do color swatches. Anyhow, here is my take on the Cream Cheek in Peach Dream 😀

I first got my Cream Cheek blushers when I was at John Little with L. Was supposed to be working on a project but I got too carried away when I saw the makeup section. Anyways, CANMAKE describes Peach Dream as:

A delicate pink like a fairy. For an innocent look.

Again, this contains a mininscule amount of glitter in it, so I prefer to layer it under my loose powder and then top it up (or not) with a pink powder blush thereafter.

If you click on the picture for a close-up, you can see the glitter in the blush. It’s impossible to get rid of by the way, since its a cream formula.

One thing though, the Canmake Cream Cheek comes in a plastic compact that is snap-to-close. Might feel a little wobbly and cheap to some, but for the quality of the product it’s worth your money! For me it’s really good that the case is transparent as it makes identifying the colors so much easier especially when I’m in a hurry as I don’t have to worry about jerking the entire cover off. I’m quite violent when I’m being rushed for time :3

Without further ado, here’s a swatch of the Cream Cheek ^^

The Cream Cheek in [01] Peach Dream is definitely worth a checking out as it has just the right peach in it to not overwhelm you into becoming a super pink-cheeked dolly girl. Texture-wise, it isn’t as creamy as the MAC Cream Color Bases (I havent tried out the Cream Blushes formula) nor as pigmented, but it depends if you have a light hand with your colors or don’t mind spending time to blend. If you are pressed for time, these Cream Cheeks are great as they go on light, thus you will not risk being caught with two super pink cheeks and a fair face, like I’m prone to.

However, if you have naturally pink cheeks like I do (yes that’s really possible with sensitive skin), you might want to have a good base to work with as the Cream Cheek will enhance the pink/red tones of your cheeks and that might be disastrous to work with. Also, do always use a clean finger when swiping these as you wouldn’t want bacteria or worst, mold growing in the Cream Cheeks. These are very easy to apply with your fingers and so blendable, you should try it out for yourself.

Not to sound like a broken record, but the Canmake Cream Cheeks retail at s$17.90 but Watsons usually have some kind of promotion for the brand. It wouldn’t hurt one bit to swatch the testers and see if the colors work for you ^^ Though I think their sales rep have to step up and label the testers properly, most stands that I’ve visited are unlabelled and quite a hassle to figure out the color codes.