They always backfire badly on me. Ok, so KX and I decided to run down via cab to Sephora@Ion to get our hands on her NAKED palette. Why only her? Because I ordered one from Sephora@Amazon online when they were in stock last week. Here I was happily thinking that I saved like S$10 bucks and all, not expecting that SephoraSG would actually restock them so soon. Little did I know I was in for a huge shocker.

Anyways, went for impromptu mahjong. Everything was fine at first, but you know, the waiting and whatnot makes it all so annoying especially when you are that close to winning a full set. Until when people started to dilly-dally and basically getting on my nerves. I’m not so patient especially in the wee hours of the morning. To make things worse, I received an email from Lynn that shipping for my NAKED palette + a NARS blush will cost me S$27 in total. Talk about a double whammer. Basically I just paid retail price for my NAKED palette, and paid S$13.60 for shipping for my NARS blush. Go figure.

All of a sudden I lost my mood for the game and everything went downhill when I basically just threw whatever tile I got without even looking at it twice. Lost S$24 and paid S$6.60 for taxi. Oh well, I’ll take it that I paid cover for Butter. But still, the fact that I got ripped off by the ridiculous shipping makes me feel like screaming at something. Or someone. Or some people. Like the nice folks at Sephora. *shakes fist*

I think I need some time to reconcile with the fact that I got ripped off by exhorbitant shipping, and I have to just suck it up and pay for them because it’s not fair to kick up a fuss only now. And not to ever order from Sephora@Amazon again. And not to get distracted by bad news and a malfunctioning phone to lose deliberately at mahjong so that I can go back home quickly to fume. And remove my makeup. And go to bed.

Alright now, time for bed. I hope you win lots of $$ KX, gogogo!