Today I’m going to share with you my personal CANMAKE Cream Cheeks collection. There is a total of nine shades, eight of which are currently listed on (its the Japanese website and they have an English version of it). Out of them all, only two are orangey or for a lack of a better word, brown. I can’t wear an orange-orange blush for nuts (not that I actually tried), just that with my current blond highlights and super light base, I might just look like a clown who did her cheek makeup in the dark.

Therefore I’ll probably not be having [04] Vitamin Orange or [06] Nut Cream in my collection anytime soon, heh. Moving on~

I have to say that after numerous testings (and a huge accident on my Mom’s Dior bag!) in Watsons, CANMAKE does their pinks way better than any other color, though it might be slightly confusing for some (like me) who cannot really tell the difference between this shade or that shade of pink. All I can say is, go try out the testers and see for yourself what you like, my blue-pink may be your ashy-pink or another’s sweet pink. You get the drift.

So without further ado, here are my babies ♥♥

Oh man, I get so happy just looking at this XD *moronic grin*

You can really see the color difference between these shades here. I don’t own [02] Cherry Pink and [07] Coral Orange as they didn’t really appeal to me when I tested them. But I might just double back again to complete my collection

Before I go into the individual shade description, I would like to emphasize that all eight shades except for the ninth one (which is Limited Edition) has slight glitter in them. I will not be doing any review on the colors here as I have only opened [01] Peach Dream but I will definitely be posting up separate entries on them soon. On a second-thought, please read here to see what CANMAKE has to say about their textures and applications ^_^

Onto the individual shades~ Below each picture is CANMAKE’s description of the color. And yes, sometimes the Japanese can get a little carried away with their fairy-like innocence aura that’s quite funny.

[01] Peach Dream
A delicate pink like a fairy.
For an innocent look.

[03] Strawberry Whip
A sweet dolly pink that will give you the cheeks of an innocent baby. For the ultimate girly look.

[05] Sweet Apricot
An apricot orange that will give you the impression of a cute, free girl. Increase your impishness?!

[08] Marshmallow Pink

A pure pink that will give you warm cheeks which will make him want to protect you. Enslave him with cheeks that he’ll be unable to resist wanting to kiss?!

*I LOL-ed super hard at this. Enslaving a man with pink cheeks? Umm, *wriggles eyebrows*

I couldn’t find any informationon the website regarding this blush at all. In fact only when I checked Haru’s blog did I find out the name of this LE blush. I grabbed mine at Ion Watsons as I couldn’t make it in time to browse at the Bugis store without being late for classes, and as luck would have it, the store didn’t have a tester available. I managed however, to find it at the Watsons downstairs that had a random pop-up stand of Cream Cheeks.

I would describe Pinky Rose as a blue-pink without any glitter, the very cool kind of pink that looks very dolly. Like a less intense version of MAC’s Tickle Me Pink (that I have yet to collect from Lynn :P). Very good for layering under your loose powder and another pop of pink on top. Again, what’s with the weird names? Rose brings to mind of red, and not the pink roses since Pinky is already well, pink. Okay nevermind!

Here’s a picture of all the pinks that I own. Only [01] Peach Dream has peachy tones, whereas the rest are either lighter or darker pinks than one another.

Another look at it ^^ They look so pretty~ *goes wild*

Without a doubt, CANMAKE does their pinks way better than any other color. With nine shades to choose from, I’m sure you can find something that would ‘tickle you pink’ I suppose heh. These costs S$17.90 but Watsons usually has frequent promotions at 20% off or S$2 off, so I would suggest you to wait around for one before getting cheeky.

I know, I have way too many of them, but awww it’s so pretty! 😀 Thanks for reading~ ♥