I was determined not to let my makeup sit prettily and untouched while my eye a-roving on other stuff and finally opened Marine Life to see what was the hype all about. And inadvertently made myself late for class (!!!).

Marine Life is super duper pigmented on me, 1 swipe with the MAC 116 brush and I had an overload on my NC20 (maybe slightly fairer) cheeks. Ironically,  I realized I didn’t like the glitter overspray at all, and I’m thinking that I wouldn’t like the Nars Orgasm then.  Now that I look at the swatches, the color seems really intense at first, but Marine Life is slowly growing on me the more I look at it. I need to get used to such heavy colors as most of the blushes I own are mostly pinks or light peach-pinks and not anything like Marine Life at all.

I’m really terrible at describing colors, forgive me. A really bright coral-pink perhaps? Coral with red tones in mind. Please ignore the glitters, the gold overspray will disappear with at most four uses. MAC lists Marine Life as a ‘Highlight Powder’ but I seriously doubt anyone could use it as that since the color is so obviously bright and flushed.

I would advise anyone who’s around the NC1x to NC2x region to use this with a light hand. Marine Life is a very beautiful color but I see myself having to experiment with it a few more times before I can decide if I like it or not. It actually looked like a burn on me, as though I had angry red rashes if I swiped a few more times over. (Yes, at 2.30AM when I decided that I should give Marine Life another try. And ended up looking like I had a burn patch on my cheek. *sad face*)

Looking at this makes me feel sad again. Marine Life is a bright coral (and a gorgeous one!) that I’m determined to make it work for me, even if I have to hold my breathe and pray that I don’t overdo with my swipes every single time I use it. Heh. Hopefully I will be ‘frost-bitten’ no more 😛