It was a glorious Sunday for me at home as everyone was out and about and I had the whole house all to my quiet self. I spent most of the early afternoon removing my old Chanel Rouge Noir that was getting stuffy on my toes before doing them in a bright turquoise color from Etude House that I love so dearly. Oh, all the while with Season 1 of Ugly Betty on the TV in front of me and lots of Hershey’s chocolates that had almonds in their centers. And ice cream. Don’t you just love American TV? I must admit it has filled my mind with all sorts of expectations should I one day, choose to work for a magazine or a newspaper (not much of a choice but still!). However here being Singapore *rolls eyeballs*, I can’t expect THAT much drama can I now hmm?

I cannot express how grateful I felt for that short span of quiet and lull I enjoyed today, though again, reasonably short-lived but one can’t ask for much especially when sharing the house with five other people yes? There’s G to be grateful for also, since he understood (not without much persuasion though) my pressing need to spend a day at home and recuperate from the week’s activities. On the contrary of what I may seem, I love the occasional day at home, especially after going out nearly every day of last week. Let me see, I did my hair, bought my MUJI organizing chest, looked for a pair of inexpensive gym shoes (haven’t found them yet!), played enough L4D2 that I’m going to vomit at the sight of another boomer, worked, shopped, had lots of fun before school officially starts this week. How fulfilling. I shall make it a point to finish Ugly Betty like I did with KUWTK and The Hills; the characters are so vibrantly predictable but I want to know if Daniel got together with Betty at the end of it all. *winks*

I have to actually make myself stick to finishing up an entire series because I usually lose interest in the very predictable plots and sidelines that I turn to other interests. The only things that I actually do finish (except for objects of perishable nature) are books. All you less materialistic people who fancy a good read now and then should check out ‘THE NAME OF THE WIND’ by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s available at Kinokuniya@NAC and you can thank me later for not making you go through the book hunt like I did. And thank me again for such an enjoyable fantasy read before cursing at (or beg fervently in my case) Patrick to hurry the hell up with Book 2. Coming soon in March 2011.

Before I end off with a load of unwarranted sarcasm, let me assure you that I’m usually not so vocally astute so this shall be another of my random outbursts that I’m wrought to when the mood strikes me. Or when I had a great-lousy day. Whatever it is, I bid you good night 🙂