Here’s a teaser for it XD

Big Smoke is a beautiful light concrete grey that looks a little ‘purplish’ in different lightings but nonetheless, beautiful as hell. It’s definitely a work-appropriate color, and TOPSHOP did something wonderful by putting this color in their collection as it’s right on the grey-taupe-mushroomy-nude nailwagon. The TOPSHOP@Knightsbridge had only two bottles of Big Smoke left on the shelf after I grabbed my bottle. They each retail at S$13 and after the F3 card discount, I bought mine at S$11.7.

I swatched these with neither base nor top coat, so that you can see for yourselves how good the formula is. All my swatches are in two coats and Big Smoke was opaque in one already, but for the sake of the review, I did two.

The good thing about TOPSHOP polishes is that they are true to their bottle color. I purchased my three bottles on sight alone since they did not allow testers, something that still bugs me till today. I basically opened the bottles, held the brush up to scrutinize the colors (checking for shimmers basically) and look at it glop down the neck of the bottle. Safe to say, all three polishes applied true to what the eyes see.

Sorry for the blurry photo. I cannot emphasize how heavy the DSLR is to be holding it with one hand and trying for a perfect shot. But this aside, I swatched the polish once again this morning and tada!

You get the drift. I did my nails in less than a minute, hence they may look a little wonky to you.

Now here comes the hard part. Is Big Smoke worth the S$11.70 that you pay for as compared to the OPI / ORLY / Essie / China Glaze / Color Club that you can get online for less than S$10 through a spree?

Yes and No

Yes because the color’s really so beautiful and I can see it working for us fair Asians and to medium skin tones (not sure if it will be ashy for darker skins) and being such a soft muted color, it’s definitely work appropriate. No more boring nudes or pinks (okay I personally like them :P) when you can wear Big Smoke!

Yes again because the color dries really fast, remarkable for a thick two coater and the polish doesn’t chip even without a top coat applied. Not that I went digging in the sand or anything, but I remembered it lasted three days before I could see tiny chips at the ends of my nails.

No because the bottle contains only 8ml and the standard size for nail polishes are 15ml. When you get down to it, Big Smoke (and all the other TOPSHOP polishes) costs S$1.46/ml whereas an OPI from a 8ty8beauty spree costs only S$0.53/ml.

And definitely no because, I have found a DUPE for it! Yes everybody, a slightly greyer version of Big Smoke (that has faint brown undertones) but unnoticeable to the naked eye! ♥♥

Spot anything different?

Heh, it’s Color Club’s High Society VS TOPSHOP NAILS in Big Smoke!

High Society applied a little less thick as compared to Big Smoke, I had to do three coats for the picture but maybe it’s because I just wiped Big Smoke off my two fingers with remover, hence the color wouldn’t stay.

But still, holy smokes’ that’s an almost exact DUPE!

A closer look at it.

EDIT:// Lynn was telling me that Big Smoke looked more brown than High Society, and I took pictures again to see if the difference was obvious on my screen.

From here, I can see that High Society is just a tad more grey than Big Smoke, whereas Big Smoke has a brown undertone to it. However, when I look at my nails now in room lighting and in the sunlight, the difference is barely discernible!

Final Verdict:

Color Club’s High Society costs US$2.75 + US$1.5 (shipping) = US$4.25 = S$5.70

TOPSHOP NAILS in Big Smoke costs S$13 x 0.90 (F3 discount 10%) = S$11.70

High Society works out to be S$0.38/ml whereas Big Smoke costs S$1.46/ml. They come in 15ml and 8ml respectively, thus Big Smoke costs 3.8x more than High Society per ml.

If you wanna get a bang for your buck, Color Club’s High Society is definitely for you! Unless you are in a hurry or cannot wait two week for your polishes through a 8ty8beauty spree and have the F3 Card, you won’t go wrong with Big Smoke 🙂 Both formulas dry quickly and are an ease to work with, definitely a keeper in my nail polish stash! ♥♥

Alrightos everyone, thank you for reading thus far heh, hope this entry helps you should you need to decide if S$11.70 is too expensive for a bottle of polish!  ^_^