Love and Other Drugs yesterday with a classmate (who is slowly becoming a girlfriend). I don’t know what to say about it, too many scenes depicting sex that took the audience away from the whole plot of the story? I was constantly caught between blushing at the blatant sexuality and getting my heartstrings tugged at the occasional ‘aww’ moment or two. It’s as though the producers are banking on the fiery chemistry between the two leads to take on the story’s pace and then throwing in a half-hearted attempt at making sense out of it all. Not so good.

G and I are supposed to hang out at Pasir Ris for a picnic today, but the weather is so chilly already in the morning! Hopefully our plans for the weekend hold. Alrightos, I will be doing up the swatch entry and a little surprise for all of you who came here searching for the TOPSHOP NAILS, stay tuned!