My day ended at 5am, started at 10am and now I hope to end it at 1am. #cryptic isn’t it? Haha.

After going about some personal matters (that I don’t feel quite comfortable sharing here), I went to Borders to check if they stock this particular book that I was looking for. Ended up at Prologue@Ion – which didn’t have it too, and then went over to Kinokuniya@NAC. Thank goodness they had it and my day’s purpose was primarily fulfilled.  I even picked up three magazines along the way heh.

And oh, while I was at Watsons testing out the CANMAKE Cream Cheek Blushers (you have no idea how many I already have), I managed to scrap a little under my nail and a huge chunk of it got onto my mom’s Dior bag. Like coral on black, *facepalm* I panicked immediately, ran to the toilet and then committed the worst beginner’s mistake in the whole of bag history. I freakin’ dabbed at it with wet tissue and the color smudged like a cheap red lipstick. Thank goodness I remembered the friendly SA in the Dior boutique a few floors up and stormed into the store hoping they could do something about it.

Needless to say, the stain was successfully removed, I made new friends at the store (after declaring that I LOVE DIOR) and left a happy girl. The SAs there are so nice and friendly that it’s extremely comfortable shopping or just browsing in the store. Met G for dinner and had beef noodles soup (less noodles more soup no parsley) before taking the train (in a long long time) back to Tampines.

We then went into Hersheys’ World and to my horror, the super addictive Reese Butter Cups are OOS from their shelves! Ended up paying for S$20 worth of yummy chocolates and went to Tampines 1 to get my L’Oreal Color Vive Shampoo. Ended up with a few other extras in my basket too, heh. Shall talk about it tomorrow when I’m less exhausted and my eyes less strained.

FYI – I just realized that CANMAKE had released a range of nail polish at least a month ago that does what exactly the famous ‘Shatter’ from OPI Katy Perry collection does. It was released over a month now and I walked past it countless times without looking at the fine details of the ‘cracks’ in the polish. Will try to take sneaky pictures of the display and think about whether can my wallet survive the hit of three extra costly polishes for the sake of my blogging interests >_< Goodnight now everybody!