It’s me again!

Whoa the rain this afternoon was really something isn’t it?It rained so hard, my windows leaked even after we installed the hanging partition right on top of them. But still, not complaining at all. In fact I wish everyday would be colder as I would have an excuse to wear out my coats and buy a pair of Wellington boots ^_^

Okay, before I got sidetracked into how cute polka-dotted rain boots are, I shall tell you all about my TOPSHOP MAKE UP haul that happened on Christmas Eve. After the bad experience in TOPSHOP@Knightsbridge earlier, I decided to storm in and just grab the few things that I wanted and leave as soon as I can. However, this time round I met a lovely SA who was extremely helpful. She handed me tester after tester, encouraging me to try not only on the back of my hand, but on my skin as well. Even going so far as to open a new box of tissues and handing me make-up remover when I was ready to make payment. Now that’s something. And then I came home with these 😀

Tada! I would say that the collection is pretty much well-stocked as compared to the range you see online at, though I didn’t recall seeing any palettes available. Maybe they were sold out when I visited, or I just plainly forgot :S

Doesn’t the packaging remind you of Dolly Wink? Very cute!!

I went in with the intention to buy only the nail polishes, but you can see how side-tracked I got with these.

The TOPSHOP NAILS retail for S$13 each and they cost £5.00 online. With the pound falling below S$2, the difference is quite minimal I should say, especially with the F3 Card you get a 10% discount on your purchases.

I loved these colors and TOPSHOP is doing something right with these polishes, I’ve already done swatches of two colors and the formula is amazing! More on that later, I must restrain myself from not charging back in and grab more polishes, especially seeing the colors on the website.

Side-note: Sketch is such an amazing color I swear! Totally worth the S$13 (not that the other two are not!), the formula’s great and apparently everyone else thinks so, as there was only two bottles left on the single display that had it.

To be honest after swiping the testers, I’m excited about ALL the products that I bought, maybe except for the Eye Brush. The BRIGHTEN is TOPSHOP’s version of the YSL Touche Eclat pen highlighter, however it comes only in 1 shade and costs S$16.

The KOHL is a pencil eyeliner, priced at S$9. It’s really an intense black, very creamy as well and thus quite a bang for your buck. I got the cream blush in Flush as I think the color will compliment most fair-skinned girls. This costs S$13.

Again, I can’t help but wonder how a blush and a nail polish can cost the same S$13, but the formulas are great and the cream blush is easily blended to a sheer glowy finish. For me that is, might differ for different people. Reviews will follow, as soon as I can get the swatches photographed properly heh, please do check out the TOPSHOP MAKE UP collection everybody, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed!