Hi everybody!

I hope the first week of the year has been good so far! Today was my Spring Cleaning Day I as I finally threw out the two huge bags of clothes that I couldn’t fit into anymore, as well as the odds and ends of things accumulated in my house over the years. G and I were walking around Paragon to look for my gym shoes (I refuse to pay more than S$50 for a pair!!) and I popped into Muji to look at chests to store my makeup in.

Here’s what I came home with! ^_^

Let me warn you first though, the chest is quite heavy actually. The plastic bag tore at the handles while G was lugging it to the taxi-stand. My idea of organizing my makeup stemmed from both Haru and Sophia – they used the chests from Muji to organize their stash.

Haru calls this the ‘6-drawers plastic chest’. I really liked looking at her makeup stash here and here, there’s this excitement about opening each drawer and oooh-&-ahhing over every single item that is kept away so neatly.

Mine is the non-stackable type and costs S$56. You can choose to purchase each individual tier that can be stacked on top of one another at S$23 each. I now have this and three other pull-out drawers that store my stash. One drawer is to keep all the backups that I have (like the Daiso Sponge Detergent) and my DIY Mani/Pedi kit, another is to keep all the makeup bags I got as freebies. Not really optimizing my space but my stash isn’t that big to begin with, but still I think it would grow tremendously within the next few weeks heh. *winks at Lynn*

I love how deep the drawers are, they fit my Chanel / OPI / China Glaze / Color Club / Etude House polishes perfectly. Check out Sophia’s entry here to see the amount of polishes she owns! Now there’s no reason for me to hold back on getting my nail polish fix heh, though that would have to wait till February >_<