As you can see, I’m really very excited as I’m bored of my usual hair colors. My hair being what it is, doesn’t take very long to fade to those very light brown colors that look all the same to me. My long-term hairstylist was racking her brains  when I declared that I wanted orange hair, ala the KPOP stars. However, as I’m only a normal poor student and a two-week root touchup is way out of my budget, Second gave me ash highlights and a overall brighter base that resembles the color of wheat. Heh!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my sisters and I go to Second for our haircuts and whatnot. I can’t stress the importance of maintaining a long-term relationship with your hairstylist as she/he would be the one who understands your hair most. Having gone through very bad haircuts where I had to grow out my hair for a year odd, I trust only her to do my hair. I mean comeon, a stylist who is emotionally affected when her customers are not happy with their hairstyles (and their ridiculous requests) and broods over it is someone that you can trust because she has remorse! If only I can show you the ignorant ones who still smile at you when you already feel like screaming inside after the mess they created, urgh!

And yes, trust me when I say you pay peanuts you get monkey.

I still remember sitting in the chair bawling my eyes out after I had a super bad complimentary haircut courtesy of a friend’s birthday treat and she was kind enough to think of a great hairdo that masked the ugliness for my 21st party. Not to mention, the numerous times when she coaxed me when I had it with my unruly curls and wanted to rebond and snip it all off, hah! Love you Second *flying kisses*

I was so excited when I saw the ash highlights, apparently it will get lighter in a few washes and tada! Blond highlights! Not that I really mind, my hair is definitely lighter! Yay! I can’t tell you how happy I am to try out a new color ♥

We had dinner at Ayam Penyet RIA and I seriously need the Galaxy camera app on my phone! Don’t know why my chin’s all wonky though haha, but you can see how light the color is! I told Second that as long as it doesn’t turn out ah-lian-ish, I’m game for anything ^_^

Ok I was actually worried if I could carry the whole color off cos’ I imagined it to be a more edgy rocker-ish look, but Second assured me that the highlights would look nice with my natural curls hehe. It’s still feminine enough that I can wear my nice cocktail dresses out for Chinese New Year~

Tada! Thanks to the nice lighting at Muji, here’s my new hair color! I broke out my Amazing Cosmetics Concealer today, as well as my new Shu Uemura concealer brush. As you can see, the shade FAIR was alright for my NC20 skin but a definite no-no for my under-eye circles. Though to be honest, it WAS a little light but after my loose powder and some time to settle, it was a great match for my skin. The concealer even managed to cover up the remaining pimple mark I had on my left cheek! That’s how ‘Amazing’ it is heh!

Since I’m at it, shall list what I have on for makeup today ^_^

  1. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Sadly, the thing flaked on me. Might be due to the watery eyeline I have though, have to review again.)
  2. Benefit POREfessional
  3. Benefit THAT GAL
  4. Lancome BB BASE (with SPF 50)
  5. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in FAIR
  6. CANMAKE Pore Covering Powder in 01
  7. Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 02 Rose Bloom
  8. Paul & Joe Lip Treatment
  9. CANMAKE Nudy Glow in 01 Rose Macaron (Already faded into oblivion)

Ok I cheated, my sister drew my eyeline for me :X I really have to get down to practicing sighs. I only had my upper eyeline drawn though.

Sidenote: I like how the Jill Stuart blush faded into this natural rosy tint on my cheeks. Though I usually layer it a little more heavily when I put on my makeup so that it would last throughout the day.

My makeup oxidized slightly I think, providing this highlighting effect I have on my cheeks. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked though :S Ladies, if you haven’t yet, run to the nearest Sephora and get your hands on the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer!

Since I’ve managed to side-track from my hair color to my makeup, it wouldn’t hurt to post a picture of G and I would it? ♥