from the Marina Bay Sands. You gotta love that place, but your wallet wouldn’t.

I was so surprised that they had paper bags this small. Think a size bigger than your outstretched palm, very cute!

Ah yes, the very familiar box’o’Chanel. Brings to mind of my necklace, sighs. But oh well, there’s always 2011 to work hard for ^__^

Please ignore that grossly-overexposed side in the front, I can’t figure out how to photograph sparklies with the DSLR as well 😦 After looking at the Chanel earrings for the umpteenth time, I was surprised that my mom took the plunge for these as she didn’t think splashing out money on accessories was very prudent at all. However, this pair costs S$260 (or was it S$250?) and I would say you get a bang for your buck as the earrings are bigger than the usual double-C ones that you see and are definitely more sparkly. Again my mom took me by surprise as I thought she would much prefer the classic elegant pearl-encrusted ones instead of these which are slightly chunkier and more edgy.

Tada! Now my heart is still on the highly imitable oversized double-C earrings that are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. I realized I have a penchant for gold accessories (you would see why later) – a liking that wouldn’t sit well with most trendy people my age as gold is such a gaudy color and alike to those thick chains that loansharks are very much favorable to.  But still, I think silver doesn’t sit too well with my skin as Tiffany necklace I got for my 21st gave me the itch 😦 Ahh, but I wouldn’t knock either off as you never know what would look good and what wouldn’t unless you try them on ^___^