How did you spend the last day of 2010 everybody? For me, this year was quite special because of my birthday – it came to the exact 08-09-10. 8 / 9 / 10 geddit? Rather lame I know, but yes, it meant something special to me ^_^

Speaking of which, I spent my day in the office and going to the supermarket for ingredients before cooking the NYE dinner. Pretty simple, nothing terribly fancy but I’m satisfied. I didn’t get a good night sleep because I woke up several times in the morning with paralyzing pain in my stomach, probably due to an ongoing ‘purge’. Hopefully it will be a ‘silent’ night tonight! 😛

To be honest, the year 2010 flew past so quickly that I barely could remember any of it. The times when I was working like hell and having to slave over school, the times when G and I were on the rocks, the times when I felt like I was going to pieces – the theatrics and dramatics seem to fade away into blank spaces of my mind, much alike to missing entries of a yearly diary. I don’t have the habit of summing up my year, what I’ve done, what I’ve not done, what I’ve gained, what I’ve lost. So I shall make it a point to jot down what I will be doing each day of 2011, and when the last day of the year rolls about again, I won’t have an empty page of memories that are left unfilled.

Now that I’m trying to be completely honest with myself here, I feel that I’ve not been challenged enough most of the time – I simply existed. I didn’t live life the way I wanted it to be;  skinny, glamorous, likable, sociable, smart, sexy, crazy, beautiful. I made do because I never had the determination to stick to my goals unless I’m constantly reminded of them. Even as I pushed my students to reach their potential, I am aware that I have yet to reach mine. I could be smarter, skinnier, sexier, crazier, spontanenous-er, I could be more. But I always fail half way, or lose interest in my goals and what I wanted to achieve out of my life, either because I got caught chasing another dream (and eventually gave up) or I simply forgot. I tend to forget things as easily as I remember them, I can’t explain if its due to a lack of importance, or we humans simply forget to preserve our minds as a form of logic to make up for our flaws. But this 2011, I’m determined to start things off the way I end them.

So here are my New Year Resolutions for 2011 –

  1. Lose weight. And in order to do that, I shall sign up for gym and then be conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Which means no more fried pork bits in my minced meat noodles from now on.
  2. Learn a third language. Either Korean or Japanese, doesn’t matter. At least I learnt something that has always been bugging me for years.
  3. Utilize my makeup stash. I shall print out all the eye tutorials that I’ve been reading, stick them to my dresser and constantly remind myself to practice at least once every two days. And get contact lenses.
  4. No more taxis. I realize I really do spend quite a shocking amount of cabs each month that could be put to better use.
  5. Getting my driving license. I shall not be deterred by everyone else says and be determined about it.
  6. Going for braces. Note point above.
  7. Getting Lasik-ed. Note point above above.
  8. Realize my dream of either a long holiday in Japan or Paris after I graduate. To do that, I really gotta work like a cow. T________T

I shall stop at eight because I have a natural affinity with the number, and also, I wouldn’t get too ambitious with myself for now. To live life adventurously (like getting blond hair for example) and not short-changing myself, is what I would want for my year 2011. Have a great night everybody, I hope you would learn to listen to the voice in your hearts of heart and be happy in this new year. *waves*