Hello everybody! I hope I’m not too late to be posting up what I got for Christmas ^___^

I got myself something from Sephora *sweatdrops* the day I walked in with PP(L) to browse for Christmas gifts last Wednesday. We made plans to have dinner at this Korean BBQ place which we had yet to try out, but the food selections were so disappointing that I shall not even bother to blog about it. On with the entry, could you guess what I got? XD

TADA~ I got my first-ever Urban Decay goodies! The Book of Shadows is a Limited Edition palette that costs S$88 (it goes for US$54 online) and coincidentally, the Ion outlet was restocked the day I was browsing. Initially there were two counters filled with these palettes – however when I went over to one after some browsing, all the eight palettes were gone. I panicked, thinking that the Naked palette craze was happening right before my eyes and quickly walked over to the store entrance. Luckily, there were like four palettes left and I got mine. By the time I left the store, there was only one palette on the shelf and it wouldn’t be too long before the Ion store was sold out.

I was reluctant to splash out money for this, but seeing that the Naked Palette wouldn’t be in stock anytime soon (ETA in 2011), I settled for the Book of Shadows Vol. III instead. There is a total of 16 shades, and I counted at least eight that I would use, thus justifying the cost of the palette. The greens and blues are scaring me though, I doubt I would wear them out unless with professional help. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m so happy that I managed to snag something so pretty and wearable 😀 Urban Decay’s formulas are amazing to the touch, anyone who swatched their Deluxe colors would know ^_^

Having put the BOS in my shopping basket, my girl-pal L was looking for the UDPP to buy as she heard rave reviews. I nearly allowed her to make a suicidal mistake as she got the normal ‘wand’ version that many were complaining about online. It costs S$32 for the 10ml ‘wand’ version, while this UDPP in Professional Size costs S$50 for 25ml, you do the math 😀

Going back to the BOS~

I think once I start using it, it wouldn’t be practical to keep it in the plastic package anymore as the eyeshadow dust would probably be all over it. Hopefully it won’t end up a mess!

One thing really cute though – the BOS lights up! I suppose it is mimicking the New York skyline that is dotted with office lights XD

The BOS palette taken without flash.

Here with flash. See how pretty the glitters are? There is only a single matte shade in this palette I reckon, being the black ‘Perversion’ on the first row. I think I can use these colors with the ones I already have to work out the balance of glitters and matte *fingers x*

Swatches of the top two rows. I like how Urban Decay labels their eyeshadows. So neat!

Swatches of the bottom two rows.

The BOS also comes with two eyeliner pencils in Zero (Black) / Ransom (Purple?) along with their best-selling UDPP. The reason why I bought the palette is its value-for-money and the quality you get with Urban Decay – each shadow costs S$5.50 and you get free eyeliners and a UDPP to try out!

Again, without flash~

With flash. I think the UDPP would come into handy to intensify and hold up these eyeshadows – wouldn’t want the glitters to fade away by mid-day right? Heh. Which brings me to the next point, that tiny sample wouldn’t be enough to last me the entire palette!

Hence, at L’s urging, I went back and got myself the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Professional Size (S$50)!

I have heard horror stories about how many have found lots of product left at the bottom of the ‘wand’ version after having to saw their UDPP in half. Can you imagine clumsy me with a freakin’ saw? *shudders*

That aside, the UDPP in Professional Size is definitely more bang for your buck as it costs S$50 for 25ml. That’s S$2 per ml, whereas the normal version (10ml) costs S$3.2 per ml!

Final look at the Urban Decay goodies. I can’t wait to start using them! Google is a friend when it comes to researching for eye looks, alot of beauty bloggers have their own EOTD that are extremely helpful for a beginner like me to create a simple yet wearable colors 😀

**I’m sorry if I don’t sound as enthusiastic about these as I should be, it’s 1:14AM now and I’m so sleepy my eyes are half-closed ._. Goodnight now!