Hi everybody!

I’m extremely late with these as the Private Sale was at least a month ago, but still, better late than never right! Here are what I hauled from the sale >___<

I basically bought the entire White Lucent range to try out. I got the last two tubes of the cleanser and regretted not grabbing more! Lynn was so lucky to be able to grab six tubes of it on her second day back to the sale >____<

Anyhow, they are all at at least 50% discount from their retail prices! All except the Serum are still on Shiseido counters.

The Brightening Cleansing Foam was at S$25 (RP S$56), Brightening Refining Softener Light at S$30, Concentrated Brightening Serum at S$60 (RP S$159), Brightening Protective Moisturizer /  Moisturizing Emulsion at S$30 each.

Hopefully it will work out for me because the range didn’t work out for my babe KX and she had to give it to her mom. *fingers x*