I’m actually blogging this (on Sunday afternoon) while waiting for friends to be ready and pick my sister and I up for a quick trip to Johor Bahru for crabs. However by the time you see this, it will probably be much later as I’m definitely having to schedule the post, can’t have like five updates in a day and none in another right? Heh.

A quickie on the whole voucher redemption thingy. For every S$240 you spend at Sephora, they will issue you a S$40 voucher as a form of appreciation. This current program was running since August ’10 and will end on 31 December ’10. You have to spend a minimum of S$60 to qualify for it in the first place, however, once registered, your dollars will be automatically accumulated each time Sephora holds the program.

Do note that the S$40 voucher is only applicable to Sephora-exclusive brands (such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, Amazing Cosmetics etc) and the Sephora house brand itself. It does not work for every brand in the Sephora store. You will have to read the fine print else risking embarrassment like I did when I thought I could pay for my Benefit purchases with the S$40 voucher *shy face*

My first voucher was spent on a Fredrick Fekkai shampoo for G and some other miscellaneous item that I do not remember now. Here are what I redeemed with my second, third and fourth vouchers ^__^

I had to top up for my purchases as Sephora only allows one voucher per transaction. You cannot accumulate all the vouchers you have in your hand and pay for them. Which is to say, if you have two items that costs S$80, you cannot use two of the vouchers to pay for them, unless they cost exactly S$40 each.

For example, the two bottles of shampoo cost S$60 altogether. I chose to use a single voucher to pay for both, thus having to top up S$20 for my purchase. I could of course, choose to split the bottles and use two vouchers for each one – however I have to find another S$10 item else my voucher will go to waste. All in all, you most probably have to top up your purchases :S

These are for G who has an oily scalp and the Fredrick Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo seems to work wonders. He has a habit of over-using each time, and a bottle doesn’t last very long for him. I might just buy another two more for him with my fifth voucher heh. As mentioned, I topped up S$20 for these.

The Sephora Manager who was serving as my cashier was telling me how much she loved the Fredrick Fekkai range while I was making payment. I think it’s really quite pricey at S$30 for such a tiny bottle, but if it works for G, I would be more than happy to buy them to relieve his frustrations.

Next up is the Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics. This retails at S$63 and I had to top up S$23 after using my third voucher. I bought this after much raving from the beauty bloggers that I follow on Twitter, and this stuff is seriously amazing! It’s super pigmented (not sure if I should use this term) but yeah, a teeny weeny bit goes a super duper long way! Shall do a review on this when I open and use it.

Believe me, they actually had the ‘World’s Most Amazing Concealer’ on the side of the tube. >____< And don’t be fooled, this is actually a very small tube that contains only 15ml of concealer! There is an even smaller version, but I recommend getting this instead, you wont regret it!

My first Soap & Glory purchases! I can’t believe how inexpensive these are, thank you Sephora! ASOS.com stocks them as well, as Soap & Glory is a British brand. I had to run to Taka to get these as the Ion store was sold out of them; my parents were lucky to snag the Soap & Glory gift sets that were going at two-for-S$49.

Don’t you just love 2-in-1 products?

I got this after reading Sophia’s entry here, I just had to lug it back home with me after seeing that it reduces the size of pores and prevents blemishes. Please do check out her rave review of the product  😀

I think you are only supposed to use it on your T-zone but I shall try it on my cheeks as well cos’ that’s where the pores are right? My nose area is on break-out alert so hopefully this will soothe things out.

Oh some updates! Watsons is having another 20% discount now, not sure of the participating brands but KATE is included in this event! *happy face* I can finally justify grabbing their Eyeliner Brush + Gel Eyeliner set at 20% off to try out~ Their Eyeliner Brush is touted to work even better than Bobbi Brown’s, and so much cheaper at less than S$10? And Watsons points will expire on 31 December so make sure you use yours up else they will be forfeited!