I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and now’s the time to tear open your presents yo! Despite the occasional ‘downs’ this year, I have been a very lucky girl in terms of friendships and relationships, and I will learn to treasure those around me  who have been very supportive and kind even more in 2011.

Though people come and people go in your life, that is a necessity in itself because to live is to change. Again, what is lost in the present might be recovered in the future, thus I shall look forward to the coming year and be happy! Though I’m a little afraid of what next year might bring as I will be graduating and hopefully be able to snag a decent paying job in PR / Journalism (!!!). Nevertheless, being optimistic is the first step to winning the battle, thus optimistic I will be. ^_^

PP(L) I’m so happy that we managed to stay friends for ‘so long’, and without you, I wouldn’t have met PP(J) and be able to experience so many ‘firsts’ (you know what I’m talking about *wriggles eyebrows*) in my life. Thank you for being such a gentle, attentive person that indulges me with my ridiculous foodie requests. And PP(J), I’m glad that we are very alike in character, at least I have somebody who understands finally! *big hugs the both of you!*

P.S. I really liked the scarf, it’s super versatile and very soft~ Aww let’s go HK in Jan’11 laaaa, I can put it to good use hehe! Thank you once again! ^_^