Hello everybody! How did your Christmas go? Mine was spent lazing and basically doing nothing at home while recovering from the hectic week. Tonight, I shall show you my other parcel which I’ve been very excited about ^_^

Presenting to you…

I got me hands on the highly raved and highly elusive Marine Life! *jumps in excitement*

I swear my hands were trembling when I saw the seller on SG_Beauty putting it up for sale at S$56. This Marine Life retailed for S$48 but I reckon I was getting a great deal as another seller wanted S$61 for her Marine Life. When the collection was launched, I wasn’t interested in cosmetics at all and didn’t pay any attention. Only thereafter, while browsing beauty blogs and the like, did I discover that Marine Life is such a pretty little thing!

Here’s the ingredients list. I think I can definitely get away with using this as a blush or a highlighter. *happy face*

See how pretty the gold overlay is? Unfortunately it’s only a surface spray, but no matter, me no likes huge chunks of glitter.

I still can’t believe that I got my hands on it! Wheeee!

To be honest, I didn’t like the packaging at all as I’m not a fan of green. Especially this particular shade of  green, minty green or pastel green I can do, but not this uhrm, ugly green. But no matter it grew on me! And I was told that green is my lucky color hehe!

I think you are supposed to take a fluffy brush and swirl it clock-wise to get both colors before you apply, otherwise you may choose to use either color depending on your preference. Now that I have this post up, I can finally open mine and start using! But noooo, the super pretty gold spray will disappear! T______T

Am I being very mean by tempting all of you with these pretty pictures but no color swatches? >__<

The gold spray looks muted here, with a frosty sheen would you agree? The one other blush that comes close to MAC Marine Life is the NARS Orgasm, which I have yet to own *sad face*

One last look at this gorgeous blush. Happy!

I’m so glad that I received the item in brand-new condition like what was described in the seller’s post. Unfortunately that can’t be said for my other SG_Beauty purchases – a lipstick that was described as ‘swatched once’ turned out significantly shorter than a brand new one from the same brand. Be careful when making your purchases online everybody!

Here are my two babies heh, shall order my eye brushes from MAC courtesy of Roseanne who gave me great advice to deciding which brushes I need to create a proper look. For those who are interested, she recommends the MAC 217 and the MAC 224.

You really only need an all over lid color brush that sort of blends as you go just like the 217 which can pack on color but flawlessly and the 224 (fluffy blending brush) is important for all eye-looks.

Please check out her blog here as she is incredible in what she does and provides very detailed explanation as well as video tutorials to her looks. Roseanne is very approachable in real life as well and she is super dedicated to  her passion for blogging and helping out others in their makeup dilemmas. I actually emailed her on Christmas Eve while out in Orchard trying to decide which brushes should I buy and got a prompt and detailed reply from her in like, 15 minutes!

One last look at my babies! Happy to add these colors to my growing stash, I mean, one can use a different blush every day right? Hehe ^_^ The night is still young for Christmas to end, the folks and my sister are at Shangri-la now drinking coffee and I’m going to hit the hot showers before applying my Bihada Ichizoku mask! *waves*