a very Merry Christmas, may your year ahead be filled with the fun, laughter, joy, excitement and surprises you receive on this day. *throws imaginary confetti*

In the spirit of the season of giving, I shall  mark my pictures with Christmas-y icons and pictures which I have been dying to use hehe. After I purchase the SD card that is, tomorrow morning. ^_^

Orchard Road was not as terrifying as I thought, but still, I’m dead tired after reporting in the morning four out of five days and the jostling with the crowd really wore me out. Shall go have a full nine hours of sleep, else G has to deal with a grouchy, grumpy me like he had to today.

Speaking of which, I opened my first Christmas present from two dear friends PP(L) & PP(J). I loved it so much and couldn’t stop brushing my fingers against the material. Heh, reveal to come tomorrow~ G forgot to bring my present today (and I had already given him his -_-) but I knew what he got me, like I did with my Mom. Can’t help the fact that G and my mom (and me included) are highly practical people that translates to us having asked beforehand what the other party would like rather than risk a bad present.

Anyhow, PP(L) & PP(J), I’m still too shy to write a full-length thank you note but >_< will try la huh! So glad that you liked your presents heh, may our friendship grow in the year ahead! *throws imaginary confetti again*

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody, thanks for visiting and even though no one else except Lynn and my babe KX commented, it’s a comfort to me knowing I’m not rambling like some crazed spinster to myself. *big hugs to all*