I’m so afraid to go to bed now because of my stomach runs. I can feel ’em things rumbling and cramping around in my tummy, so not feeling good. Rather than blame the lackluster Korean we had tonight, I shall blame it on my clogged system that is sorely in need of a thorough flushing. What a delicate way of putting things eh? Heh.

This post comes at PP(L)’s request for more personal entries, sorry for the lack of them as I didn’t feel comfortable with posting my innermost thoughts on a platform that doesn’t quite require such demonstrations. Heck, my blog is going to reflect the fickleness I feel regarding writing (as anonymously) on the Internet, where everything is free and yet owned.

Alrightos, now to finish up my other entry which PP(L) will yet again, scroll through because it does not interest with the many pictures of makeup, heh. *waves hello*