Whew, that’s really a very long title isn’t it? If I didn’t know better, this post title will be the longest I’ve ever typed in all my 200+ entries :S Anyhow, I’ve given away the first surprise in the mail (boo!) and here is my entry on it!

**given away = revealed

Can you see what it is already? Heh.

It’s my first Guerlain purchase! I figured it would be a good way to start off by purchasing one of these eyeshadow duos and a liner thrown in a compact. Maybe I should really consider investing in eye brushes now that I have grown from having only ONE palette in my stash to like, THREE. No wait, it’s actually FOUR >_<

FIVE if you count the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but alas, no hope there. *sadface*

I got this off SG_Beauty at its sale price of S$15 with free postage. No idea why the previous owner sold it off though, probably has too many palettes in her stash. Or similar colors maybe? Herm….

Anyways, I got it at a steal lah hehe!

Pity it came with quite a few noticeable scratches though *sadface* No pictures of the front – its the same gold cover with the word ‘GUERLAIN’ stamped onto it in cursive font.

Here are some photos. Colors are depicted as accurately as possible, and in this case, perfecto! ^^

See how much effort the big brands pay to every tiny detail? The two accompanying brushes (1 liner 1 eyeshadow) have the word ‘GUERLAIN’ stamped across their surfaces too in cursive font.

The colors look as though they compliment one another perfectly. And oh, comes with a big enough mirror for you to do your eye makeup on the go. Pretty convenient!

Can’t wait to try out the palette! Will do a short review though no eye look as I doubt anyone would want to bear witness to the horrible mess I create for my ‘eyeshadow’. Yay for the awesome DSLR that made pretty pictures possible! Heh.