I survived Orchard Road three days out of four. Walked into and out of Sephora (Ion / Takashimaya) more times than I could count – until the staff recognized me and automatically gave me the pretty, sturdy gift boxes without even me asking.

To add on, I’m kinda disgusted with myself at the total amount I spent at Sephora within, like four months. Enough for five vouchers that Sephora gives you every time you hit S$240 in your account. Granted, I helped my babe Kai Xian purchase her Dior EDT / PP(J) with his friend’s presents / my Mom’s MAC purchases / L’s Urban Decay XXL Eyeshadow Primer – but still ~ I’m not going to buy anything more unless its the NAKED Palette that’s finally in stock. Pinky promise!

**Ok la, when the MAC Stylishly Yours collection hits Sephora’s outlet, I’ll probably get the two items >_< G can get me 5% discount with his passport hee~

Today was a mad rush because two dear friends were kind enough to take my words seriously *guilty face* I hope you liked your presents dear ones! *waves hello* Please take pictures okie, me wants to share the joy in this space heh, make it more personal XD

My sister loaned out her SD card again, and again I will have an avalanche of pictures, sorry everybody! But meanwhile, I shall work on the other parcel that I posted in my Mail entry earlier ^_^ Have a great holiday and blessings ahead!