You get this ^_^

I was bored of my nail color *sweatdrops* and decided to change it again. Couldn’t wait to wear the rest of the Orly polishes I bought, but to be honest, the formula and the size of the polish brush left much to be desired. Orly’s colors are so-so except for this collection, but it applied thickly and basically was a nightmare to work with, especially with the neither-here-nor-there brush. I went through several colors (especially Lemonade!!!) before deciding on Gumdrop for my fingernails and Lollipop for my toes.

Other than that, the colors were really candy-like and Spring-ish colors always revolve around pastel shades – love! On with the entry

Here I blurred the picture so that the glitter can show up properly. I used CANMAKE Nail Glitter in 01, the silver shade that is Limited Edition. However, it is a really small bottle and like others, hard to get decent glitter chunks out to get the coverage I have in the pictures. So you might want to consider other wallet-friendly options because the CANMAKE Nail Glitter polishes cost a whopping S$17.90 – you can get a OPI nail polish at Far East Plaza for less that price.

Here is the CANMAKE bottle I’m talking about. I liked my nails having the ‘gel’ type of look, which looks thick when viewed from the side. So I didn’t mind spamming my nails with glitter, though I know the cleaning process will be helluva annoying. A thick layer of Seche Vite sealed the glitter and now they feel smooth to the touch.

Note that my bottle had about 75% left after I was done with this major spam, so >_<

Don’t you agree that Gumdrop is such a darling color? Hehehe.

There is absolutely no method in doing my nails, I just did them with a thin layer at first, then start spamming the upper tips till they look like what they do now. Please remember to seal your nails with a layer of top coat too, else they will feel superbly gritty.

I’m so happy that I will be wearing such nice nails for Christmas, they make me smile whenever I look down at them or when they catch the light. Are you wearing glitter for Christmas too? =)