I love reading haul posts. There’s this incredible excitement when somebody else posts up their stash of beauty buys and you scroll through the pictures greedily as though if you eyeball them long enough, the items will magically appear before your screen. Kidding! But still, I love reading haul posts, perhaps even more than product reviews themselves, because they make me happy reading someone else’s excitement at laying their hands on that ‘it has been OOS since forever’ item or whatnot. It makes me happy feeding on their happiness, haha.

To not sound like I’m some weirdo leech, here are the pictures of my ALT haul on Friday~ I was out in town with my girlfriend KX and she was pretty much zombified after only two pathetic hours of sleep before her paper, so we didn’t go very far. I wanted to check out ALT for the first time because my sister was telling me about the ‘gigantic Paul & Joe’ counter, and I’m glad I did =p

Sad to say, plastic and shiny surfaces does not photograph very well at all. These were purchased with the 20% discount that ALT offered over the weekend. All of my purchases were new products that I have yet to try out, except for the Bihada Ichizoku masks which I already tried and loved in their other ranges.

As mentioned in my previous post, I grabbed five pieces of the Bihada Ichizoku Whitening Mask when I saw that they were eligible for the discount as well. Retailing at S$8 at SASA outlets, these are really pricey and I cannot afford to use ’em daily :S I’ve used their other masks (the blurple and pink ones) and loved them, this is my first time trying out the Whitening range and I’ll be back with a review and possibly a comparison ^^

The SA saw me throwing the masks into my shopping basket and came up to me smiling and gave me these two sachets of Facial Cleansing Gel by Kracie. Wearing Etude House polish in this picture!

**I’ve really become a pro at painting my own nails, like the whole left-hand-do-right-hand thing? Practice makes perfect ladies, even I (the extremely clumsy impatient one) could do it, so can you!

Aha! Remember my recent dilemma about makeup sponges! I spotted these Tofu Love sponges at ALT and they were also eligible for the 20% discount~ *dies of happyness* Shall try ’em out with my Benefit Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous and compare with the cheap makeup sponges that I previously purchased. Reviews to come~

And oh, I just realized I was being an idiot by purchasing the SANA Foundation Brush because I have way too many sponges now and they all fulfill the same purpose of spreading on foundation. In my defense though, see the delicate sakura blossom prints near the end of the brush? Uber pretty!

Here are the Cleaning Express (Brightening) bottles as well as the Hada Nomy Collagen Mist. KX raved about the Cleaning Express removers and I was convinced enough to grab a bottle to try myself (the other bottle’s hers!). My current makeup remover is THEFACESHOP Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Water that is near being emptied, so it wasn’t an impulse buy! =P I really like that the Cleansing Express is based on a water formula (thus gentle for the skin?) – my TFS one smells of well, rice and I didn’t quite like it.

The Hada Nomy Collagen Mist was a last-minute purchase as ALT has this S$30-for-a-stamp thing going on and G and I had a bit more to go before qualifying for a S$10 voucher. I was already curious about it and googled for reviews on my Galaxy before G nudged me into buying. Happy that it’s came home with me and I shall report on its effectiveness once I’ve used it for a week or so ^_^

Thanks for reading everybody! Oh and before I forget, here are the prices for all these products if anyone’s interested!

  1. Bihada Ichizoku Kurobarakamen Sheet Mask S$8
  2. SANA Maiko-Han Make Up Brush S$29.90
  3. Tofu Love (Heart) Sponge S$9.90
  4. Tofu Love (DX) Sponge S$15.90
  5. Cleaning Express (Brightening) S$18.90
  6. SANA Hada Nomy Collagen Mist S$22.90

It’s mid-week tomorrow, and the last weekend before Christmas! I’m excited about  my weekend plans and can’t wait to soak in the festive air all around now XD