Remember the Flea I posted on Saturday? Here’s a series of pictures taken by my Galaxy’s front camera – please excuse the grainy quality heh XD! I was having a great hair day, but the photos whilst on the way to Bossu’s office were over-exposed to the point of no return. FYI I have natural curls or loose waves, it all depends on whether my hair is up to a bitch fit or not. On good days they look, well great, but on bad days, I wish I had poker straight hair ala Rihanna.

That’s my Bossu, I’m making minion faces at her cos’ I’m being overworked. *chortles*

She then tries to appease me by giving me kisses.

**See how friggin’ skinny she is? No sign of any chin / cheek / face fats at all. Nada, zilch, zero. Dont get me started on her cheekbones.

Bossu succeed in making her minion happy and flashes a ‘V’ for ‘Victory’! More than V for Villainy hahaha!

Being the African orphan child that she is, Bossu does not have any bad camera angles. Here she demonstrates a one-side-only dimple smile.

We laughed ourselves silly before and after taking this picture. I tell you ah, its not funny reading my ‘we laughed ourselves silly’ but it’s really damm funny! There’s something about her lips that is so frikkin’ hilarious! Donald Duck-ish I reckon? Hehe.

I think this might just be my favorite picture yet. I love you too Bossu!! Even if you overwork me and starve my tummy! But I still love you!! :X

I know its a repeat photo but still~~~ She couldn’t understand my current obsession with cosmetics and whatnot, but after seeing my skin that day, I’m happy to declare that Bossu approves! Ok la she just doesn’t want me to hoard ’em lovelies and not use ’em ^^

Anyways, I’m running out of content to post! I havent got my haul stash(es) photographed, neither have my swatches been turning out accurate, and that makes me a very sad girl! Looking at the pictures reminds me that my hair color is so grossly light! I can’t decide if I like it or hate it – it varies under different light settings. Am gonna hold out till January so that I can go dye it together with my girlfriend KX. Hopefully we can make it in time for CNY! Speaking of which, have you done your CNY clothes shopping yet? 😀