not having a DSLR camera is extremely frustrating, especially when I want to take color swatches of anything and everything that I own but cannot stand the differences in color as captured by my trusty Galaxy S. >=(

It’s either I wait for my sister to get her memory card back from her friend and then be able to use the DSLR for blogging purposes, or to cave in to this nagging urge inside me and shell out for a memory card for my own Lumix FP3 – which btw, can only contain a measly seven pictures and I honestly haven’t had any idea on how to use it.

And oh, I really shouldnt have went into DFS Galleria and walked around its makeup floor, now all I’ve got in my brain is the Shu Uemura Premium Brush Set *sad face* How how how~~~~~

Have a great week ahead everybody, its two weekends to Christmas, yay!